2 NegOcc cities issue an ultimatum to unvaccinated employees

THE CITY OF BACOLOD – At least two component cities of Negros Occidental have demanded that their employees be vaccinated against the 2019 coronavirus disease (Covid-19) or be tested regularly at their expense.

The guidelines were provided in respective memoranda issued by the mayor of the city of Bago, Nicholas Yulo, and the mayor of the city of Cadiz, Salvador Escalante Jr., to their respective city hall employees on Thursday evening.

“As of December 15, 2021, eligible employees, job orders and workers on service contracts, who have not yet been vaccinated, will be required to undergo regular RT-PCR or reverse transcription-amplification testing in polymerase chain at their own expense every 15 days for the purpose of site work, ”Yulo said in a memorandum.

Antigen testing can be used if RT-PCR testing capacity is insufficient or not immediately available, he added.

The mayor of Bago has instructed department heads and office managers to strictly monitor compliance of unvaccinated employees, as well as submit a list of all employees vaccinated under their jurisdiction along with certified copies of their vaccination cards.

These documents will be submitted to the City’s Human Resources Management Office no later than noon December 6, he said.

Citing National Interagency Task Force Resolution 148-B, 2021 series relating to the vaccination of employees performing on-site work in areas with an adequate supply of Covid-19 vaccine, Yulo “strongly encouraged” all municipal employees to protect themselves. a.s.a.p.

Meanwhile, Escalante’s Ordinance-Memorandum SGE-059-2021 stated that effective December 1, 2021, unvaccinated employees will be required to submit either a negative RT-PCR result or a negative result every week. rapid antigen test (RAT) on the first hour of the first working day of each week.

The “cost of such an RT-PCR or RAT test will be the personal responsibility of the unvaccinated employee,” he added.

Additionally, unvaccinated employees who do not submit a negative RT-PCR or RAT test result will be considered absent until a negative test result is submitted, while consultants who do not comply with the directive will not receive a fee, adds the memorandum.

Escalante said all city government employees and consultants should be vaccinated against Covid-19 using only vaccines authorized for emergency use by the Philippine Food and Drug Administration.

“(This is) to ensure the health and safety of all our customers and our colleagues in the government,” added the mayor of Cadiz.

As such, the mayor requested all municipal government employees and consultants to submit their vaccination cards or certificates to their respective department heads or supervisors by November 29 at the latest.

Presenting a counterfeit or manufactured vaccine card or certificate constitutes dishonesty, which will be grounds for dismissal by city employees, and non-renewal of contract by the consultant, said Escalante.

He also asked all officials and employees of national government agencies to submit a copy of their vaccination cards or certificates to the city mayor’s office no later than November 29.

“Otherwise, they will not be allowed to enter the premises of the town hall or other buildings of the UGL (local government unit) where they exercise their official functions from December 1, 2021,” Escalante said. (ANP)

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