Agency work pits “minnow against whale” – The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (en-GB)



“A lot of court cases become this terrible financial pit,” said Neil Emery, labor lawyer at Bindmans. “The cost is usually far higher than any benefit claimants would ever get.

“One of the problems with large employers is that they can afford to behave very badly,” he added. “It’s basically minnow versus whale.”

A spokesperson for the Department of Justice said that courts “provide an accessible, efficient and economical remedy,” adding: “Court users often appear without legal representation, so judges and members usually explain the procedure “.

“Amazon should be legally responsible”

The government has responded to calls for better state enforcement by planning to merge all employment regulators, including the EAS, into one body to provide better access to justice for women. vulnerable workers in all sectors. The Conservatives’ manifesto promised that this organization would “crack down on any employer who abuses labor rights”, but the timing of the merger is unclear.

Alternative resources are created to help protect workers. In April, Safer Jobs will launch “Jobs Aware”, an online platform where flexible workers can report problems and receive free advice. “Some people won’t report to the government, so we want this to be a place where everyone feels safe to report,” Rosser said.

Yet, at the end of the day, activists believe companies like Amazon need to take more responsibility for their agency staff. The TUC calls for “joint liability” so that agencies and Amazon both have a legal obligation to protect all of their workers.

“Say, for example, an agency employee works at Amazon and the agency hasn’t paid them the correct amount,” Creagh said. “We believe that Amazon should be legally responsible for providing a remedy for workers.”

Rosser, who is also director of group risk at Reed, said the Bureau’s investigation showed the treatment of those workers to be a pressing concern. He said: “If more of the UK labor market ends up in these kinds of jobs, the need for change is even greater.

“Flexible working could become one of the categories of workers, if not the most important. Therefore, we must now think about how best to serve these people in the future. “

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