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March 01, 2022


We know that agents rely heavily on real estate software solutions to run their agency, especially to ease the burden of administrative tasks that eat up time that should be spent building a relationship with clients, conducting appraisals and get directions.

After revealing a series of product enhancements to their Alto cloud-based software platform, we talk to Zoopla Product Manager Simon Woodward about some of the latest feature releases – and the benefits for agents and their clients.

You’ve made some changes to how agents communicate with their customers in Alto. Can you tell us a bit more?

With saving time being a priority for many agents, it’s no surprise that one of the most requested features from customers is the ability to digitally share documents with tenants.

This directly informed the release of our latest feature, Tenant Document Sharing, which provides a single storage solution for agents and tenants for deposit information, referrals and other key documents like right to rent which can then be viewed by tenants through a tenant portal. – not only saving time for agents, but also a better customer experience.

For agents, e-signature requests are delivered to their clients as part of a seamless business experience through Alto’s PropertyFile portal.

Customer communication also includes marketing. Can you explain how you facilitate real estate marketing?

In an increasingly digital world, embracing the latest communication tools is key to unlocking a wealth of marketing opportunities. Including how agents differentiate their offering within their local market.

That’s why we made some improvements to email template tools in Alto – so agents can easily and quickly create, manage, and deliver personalized, branded emails that their customers are more likely to engage with.

The streamlined experience allows users to drag and drop images, videos, and buttons into daily emails. Remove the need for HTML skills, while providing a high quality, branded messaging experience for their customers.

In the near future, we will be releasing an improved letter template editor, allowing our customers to easily create and manage their own brand letters.

We’ve also heard about Alto’s integration with anti-money laundering (AML) provider Smartsearch. How did it happen?

As a regulated industry, real estate agents are required by law to operate a risk-based anti-money laundering program. This includes obtaining proof of identity for buyers and sellers they interact with.

With a greater focus on the potential financial risks for agents who are non-compliant, we wanted to embed this process into Alto, removing the need for agents to leave their software platform to complete any necessary AML compliance checks.

Our new partnership with an industry-leading AML provider Smart search made this a reality. Plus, it gives agents the most comprehensive checks with results in seconds, helping them protect their agency against fraud and money laundering risks, while saving them time.

How else do you plan to support agents in the future?

Our customers consistently tell us that they expect their software to show their performance at a glance. For example, the number of candidates they have registered or the number of offers, sales and visits they have in progress.

That’s why we are constantly improving Alto’s reporting system, to provide up-to-date data on business performance, as well as analysis on under-supplied properties.

As part of our continued commitment to delivering the next generation Alto, our customers have the option of subscribing to our Product search panel – helping us improve and giving them the chance to shape the future of real estate software.

For more details on all of Alto’s latest product innovations, agents can visit the Alto Hub Viola Agendawhich contains information about new features and updated features.

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