Amarillo Recruitment Agencies Know More Job Seekers Seeking Higher Salary

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) — Companies continue to struggle with labor shortages, but recruiting agencies are seeing more applicants seeking higher salaries and positions.

Many employees have been laid off or had to work from home throughout the pandemic.

When the offices reopened, some employees decided to change careers, working on their free time.

Now, Express Employment is seeing more and more workers with entry-level experience not settling for low wages.

“A year or two ago, we maybe had positions that you know people were willing to take, say nine to ten dollars an hour,” said Tim Brashears, director at Express Employment Amarillo. “Now no one is willing to accept anything at this rate of pay for a long time.”

The latest data from Workforce Solutions Panhandle shows that more than 9,000 people in our region have taken courses through its training course platform, Skillup Panhandle.

HireQuest Direct is seeing more candidates wanting office positions without the proper credentials or experience

Management says people are still applying knowing that positions need to be filled.

“Because there’s such a labor shortage right now, not only may they have to change their hiring dynamics and what they’re willing to accept for a job, but they have to also consider paying a little more or offering different benefits than pre-COVID-19,” said Shalotta Etheredge, Amarillo Branch Manager at HireQuest Direct.

Both agencies say another factor for candidates wanting higher salaries and positions is that big companies are moving into the Amarillo area offering benefits.

This leads local businesses to meet similar expectations.

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