Announcement of Federal Renewable Energy Goals

Five federal agencies (the Departments of Agriculture (USDA), Defense (DoD), Energy (DOE), and Interior (DOI) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)) announced in a memorandum of understanding that they would “prioritize and accelerate” the development of at least 25 GW of renewable energy on federal lands administered by the DOI and USDA by 2025. envisions continued cooperation in renewable energy development on additional federal lands between 2025 and 2030. This initiative, which is in accordance with guidelines set forth by the Energy Act of 2020, aims to improve interagency cooperation for expedited processing wind, solar and geothermal energy demands. This includes the development of supporting activities, such as electrical transmission, access roads, energy storage and land use planning. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the US Forest Service (USFS), in coordination with the national and BLM Renewable Energy Coordination (RECO) offices, will be the primary agencies responsible for overseeing interagency coordination and expedited reviews for respective lands they administer.

In addition to increasing coordination of environmental reviews and other agencies, the five agencies aim to improve interagency collaboration in national RECOs and BLMs, identify opportunities for coordination with state and tribal governments, and streamline the project approval process by eliminating redundancies and accelerating decision-making. manufacturing. The memorandum of understanding notes that during the conduct of the reviews, consideration will be given to “the protection of cultural resources and sacred sites as well as the nation’s lands, waters and biodiversity, and promote job creation to support local communities”. The federal government’s ambitious prioritization of developing renewable energy generation facilities and key ancillary activities such as transportation presents huge opportunities for developers and investors. Additionally, the DOI’s focus on land indicates strong support for tribes and echoes the Biden administration’s support for economic development and energy justice. Yet working with the federal government can be complicated, even under an administration that’s resolutely business on climate change and the energy transition. Our Public Policy, Government Contracts, Indian Law and Energy teams are here to help you meet challenges and seize opportunities.

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