Bahrain Detects First Omicron Case | Indiafleurit

Bahrain’s health ministry said on Saturday the country had detected the first case of the Omicron variant.

The disease was detected in a person who arrived in the country from abroad.

The ministry said all necessary mitigation protocols and precautions have been taken, including isolation and pre-emptive quarantine of the active case, the Bahrain News Agency reports.

The ministry noted that the case had no local contact and was isolated on arrival.

Meanwhile, the first lab data on the effectiveness of existing vaccines against the Omicron COVID-19 variant is useful, but it is still unclear how effective they will be in treating critically ill patients, a panel said Thursday. from the United Nations health agency.

The development follows assurances from the World Health Organization (WHO) that available vaccines “hold up very well” to protecting people against the worst forms of coronavirus disease for six months or more, with a “Minor and modest reduction” thereafter, especially among over-65s or those with underlying medical conditions.

“Neutralization data has a foundation, but it is really the clinical data that will have the most influence on how to handle an Omicron situation,” said Dr Kate O’Brien, Director of Immunization, Vaccines and Products. biologicals at WHO.

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