Bold Agency – Women Business Owners Making an Impact

It’s harder to be an impactful female business owner, but each of these women has done just that.

Now they’re sharing their tips, so you can make an impact too.

Stop feeling like an impostor

Fleur Chambers is the creator of The Happy Habit, and for that, she has won media acclimatization, awards, and created a business that has positively touched millions of lives.

Sounds like a big claim, but his app has been downloaded by 2 million people, and it’s his mission to use this app to teach each of those people that you become happy by dealing with and learning from the challenges of life.

She says, “You take your challenges and use them to find something positive. I used my chronic pain to discover my professional purpose. The Happy app helps people use meditation for positive personal, social and environmental impact.

And it also helped Fleur achieve her philanthropic goals. By the end of 2023, thanks to his efforts, 33,000 people in Bangladesh will have access to drinking water!

She says, “You stop feeling like an impostor when your goals are worth it. If you focus on creating social and environmental good, everything else follows!

“You stop feeling like an impostor when your ‘why’ is to really make a difference.”

Stay focused, commit to your vision

Bianca Stawiarksi, Founder and CEO of international Indigenous social enterprise Wanda Wholistic Wellness, says, “You need to stay focused and committed to your vision. Learn to live it, breathe life into it. Then, even when others don’t see what you see, you can stay true to yourself and be successful.

His organization helps people who have been let down by mainstream mental health. She believes her work will help individuals and allow the voices of some of the most disadvantaged communities to be heard.

Embrace positive cultural experiences and be your unique self

Claudia Callisto, founder of Shining Light and author of best-selling “The Good Italian Girl” has had to deal with cultural expectations all her life.

Now she performs on stage and uses the medium of comedy and storytelling to help others lighten their cultural baggage without letting go of their heritage, so they can be themselves.

Claudia recognizes that her generation of women and her cultural background are unique. These are the daughters born in Australia and the first generation of immigrant parents. These scenarios and circumstances will never be repeated again.

“We all need to celebrate our diversity and allow each ethnic woman to share who she is and what makes her special. Let’s also pass on our cultural traditions to our children, providing them with a sense of belonging, freedom from guilt and allowing them to be themselves.

dare to be different

Theresa Mitchell, Founding Director of Agape Outreach Inc., has made a difference in many Australian lives for the better.

His organization serves the homeless and needy in New South Wales and Queensland. They provide food for the hungry, case management to help people find housing, and provide access to health and mental health services with an Agape psychology department and mental health and addictions programs. . Best of all, it’s all free! Agape is not funded, but manages to feed over 800 people a week on the streets and support up to 150 people a day through our centre.

Theresa says, “Making a difference matters. The little things done for people can actually mean the world to them. By daring to be different and embracing a mission to change the world for the better, you can do just that. I started out on the streets 13 years ago, with a cooked meal, and just asking who was hungry.

“Today we have a massive 600m² hub in Tweed Heads NSW, 7 paid staff and over 230 volunteers!” Don’t be afraid to create something out of nothing.

Feminine intuition matters

Chris Duncan is a strong advocate for the success of women in business and believes that “following your instincts” with confidence is a winning strategy. His company, Dancelife Australia, provides a FREE online media portal to the dance industry, as well as a national dance competition, which helps provide opportunities for over 25,000 young dancers each year.

Chris recently wrote a book “DanceBoss” which outlines many of his own strategies for business success. One of the most important procedures is to “know your audience”.

She says, “You can call it feminine intuition, or you can call it reading the crowd, but the truth is they’re the same thing. You need to know your target market to make a positive difference, and I mean you need to know EVERYTHING.

Chris’ successful national dance competition, “DanceLife Unite”, has provided over $1 million in valuable prizes, mentorship and international scholarships to young dancers over the past decade.

“DANCE has always been my passion. By following your passion, you make your own professional journey much easier than it would otherwise be.

Chris now mentors other dance business owners to help them survive and thrive.

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