Boomin upgrades SmartVal by committing to do “everything …

Boomin has revealed an upgrade to its SmartVal feature, which tries to combine real-time online reviews with the local expertise of member agents.

The portal says more than 40,000 SmartVals have been delivered to agents since the original version of the feature was launched in early September, and the latest version brings improvements based on data analysis and user feedback from agents and agents. consumers.

It is said that the latter also shows “a significantly high demand for the service outside the usual opening hours of real estate agencies”.

The first version of the tool allowed portal users to request a SmartVal from agents available between 9 a.m. and 10 p.m., seven days a week, but agents had to choose to go online and available during those hours.

The new version also offers offline agents the ability to “bid” for the deal, provided there are fewer than three other member agents online and available.

Online agents are still featured first, but the new service will be available 24 hours a day so consumers can now make agent selection after 10 p.m., when all agents are classified as offline.

A statement from Boomin states: “For agents, additional flexibility has been built into V2 which gives them up to 24 hours to accept a SmartVal when selected offline. This avoids the risk of agents missing out on a deal when they are the seller’s preferred agent but not immediately available. Each branch can queue up to three SmartVals offline. When they reach the limit, their branch will not appear for selection until they have less than three SmartVals pending.

After agents accept an offline SmartVal request, they still need to deliver their SmartVal to customers within 15 minutes, as is now the case with online agents using the original version of the tool.

Boomin quotes Darren Tait, COO of real estate agency Beals, who says: “SmartVal is quick and easy to use judging by the level of SmartVal requests Beals receives. We very much welcome the enhancements to SmartVal, which will ensure our agents don’t lose vital new business leads, which arrive outside of working hours. We have already received over 100 SmartVal requests, and with V2 we expect that number to increase by a substantial multiple.

And Boomin Founder and CEO Michael Bruce added, “It says a lot about the level of customer engagement and the size of the SmartVal opportunity, which in such a short time since its launch has grown. Captured the imaginations of thousands of salespeople and agents. SmartVal brings together agents and sellers, under their control, to build relationships and encourage them in the market.

“It is not acceptable that agents do not have access to these potential sellers as they did automatically and for free before the invention of real estate portals, as each owner contacted their local agent directly each time to get an indication of the value. As Boomin continues to expand its reach, with the SmartVal enhancements available today, we are making it easier to use the technology for customers and agents to engage as they did in the past, thus empowering more people. on the market.

“Combined with the recent launch of ChainMaker and the important additional innovations and developments underway, agents should have no doubts that the Boomin platform will continue to lead change in the industry and that we are working tirelessly to create a viable alternative to the status quo.

* SmartVal is powered in part by the ValPal Network Assessment Tool, owned by Angels Media, publisher of Estate Agent Today.

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