BSO Hosts Second Job Fair, Seeks to Hire 911 Operators


MIAMI – Hundreds of applicants braved the heat and attended a Broward Sheriff’s Office job fair on Saturday.

The sheriff’s office said there were more than 1,100 attendees. They were there to apply to be 911 operators, to join the law enforcement agency’s regional communications team.

The sheriff’s office said it received more than 400 requests.

A few months ago, BSO was one of many agencies across the country suffering from a shortage of dispatchers. They received $4 million from the county commission to make salaries competitive and attract people.

Salary starts at $57,000 with all benefits.

“I’m shocked. I’m actually overwhelmed by the performance, the community actually showed up for us. It means people are ready to get back to work,” said BSO Sgt Connie Wallen.

BSO said ideal candidates should have excellent listening and comprehension skills, be able to multitask and remain calm while communicating with callers during a crisis.

Due to the response, BSO will be hosting another hiring event on Saturday, June 25. Prospective applicants must pre-register on Eventbrite.

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