Carlson’s Jan 6 documentary doesn’t tell the full story of former DEA agent



In a new conspiracy documentary series on the Jan. 6 insurgency, Fox News host Tucker Carlson makes a series of questionable claims on a disturbing soundtrack, cutting off sympathetic interviews with people he says, have been unfairly targeted since the attack on Capitol Hill.

Carlson’s film attempts to rewrite January 6 history with wild and unsubstantiated claims that the US government is using the events of the day to trap Americans who voted for former President Donald Trump.

In the second part of the three-part “Patriot Purge” series, Carlson tells the story of a man named Mark Ibrahim – a former United States Drug Enforcement Administration officer who faces multiple charges in violating the drug. Capitol.

Ibrahim, 32, runs along Arlington Memorial Bridge with his dog and takes a tactical training course.

Then Carlson says: “DEA agent Mark Ibrahim was forced to quit his job and later charged simply because he was near the Capitol protest on January 6.”

It’s wrong.

Court documents show Ibrahim had already submitted his intention to resign from the DEA weeks before January 6. He was considered an employee on probation on leave from the agency on the day of the insurgency. Ibrahim was charged with federal charges because investigators discovered he brought a gun with him to the Capitol grounds and then made false statements to federal agents in a taped interview.

None of these details are mentioned in Carlson’s article.

PolitiFact has contacted Fox News for comment, but has not received a response. A DEA spokesperson confirmed Ibrahim was no longer employed by the agency but did not provide further details.

Carlson’s documentary claims Ibrahim was invited to Capitol Hill by a friend – an FBI informant attending the day’s events to assist the FBI.

Carlson repeats this claim, saying the friend “strongly encouraged” Ibrahim to go inside the Capitol.

“Ibrahim knew it was illegal so he refused to do it,” Carlson says in the video. “Mark Ibrahim is now facing 15 years in federal prison.”

Federal investigators interviewed the friend, who is not named in the court file, and heard a different story that is not disclosed in Carlson’s article. The friend said Ibrahim designed the story to “cover his a–” and went to the rally to promote himself for the launch of a possible political podcast and cigar brand. ” Liberty Tavern, “according to court documents. The friend told investigators they were not on Capitol Hill in an official capacity for the FBI.

Carlson does not mention any details of Ibrahim’s charges, which include making a false statement and carrying a gun on restricted grounds.

Although Ibrahim did not enter the Capitol, investigators say he climbed the Peace Monument, located on the grounds of the Capitol, to film himself as he gave a “monologue” and presented several photos showing Ibrahim posing while showing off his DEA badge and gun. He also sent photos of himself on Capitol Hill in a group chat on WhatsApp that included at least five other law enforcement officers, court documents show.

Source: United States Department of Justice

In a recorded interview, Ibrahim admitted to federal investigators that he was on Capitol Hill on January 6 and had his DEA credentials with him, as well as his badge and gun.

He said, “I had my credits. I had my gun and badge with me… But never exhibited… Not to my knowledge. The photos show this to be wrong.

He was arrested in July 2021 and faces charges such as entering or staying in a restricted building or on the Capitol grounds with a deadly or dangerous weapon, and making false statements.

Our decision

Carlson said Ibrahim was “forced” to quit his post at the DEA and “later charged simply because he was near the Capitol protest on January 6”.

Court documents show Ibrahim had been a DEA employee on probation on January 6 and had given notice of his intention to resign from the agency several weeks earlier. He was charged with bringing a firearm onto Capitol grounds and making false statements to federal agents, not “just because he was near Capitol.”

We rate this False.

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