Court documents describe failed murder plan of Nebraska woman

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) — New court documents describe how undercover officers uncovered a plot they believe was set up by a Nebraska woman to hire someone to kill five people, including children.

A probable cause affidavit for Valerie Miller, 39, of Elwood, describes how she allegedly planned to meet with an undercover Nebraska State Patrol investigator. The two men had been in contact on a social media app, according to court documents, when Miller was looking for someone to buy him a gun, but was unaware the individual was an undercover officer.

These documents show that the couple had planned and then met in the parking lot of Wal-Mart in Lexington. During that conversation, officers said Miller asked if the undercover officer could buy him a gun, specifically a revolver.

During that same conversation, court documents said Miller said she wanted several people “not to live.” When asked who it was, Miller said it was her ex-husband’s girlfriend, the girlfriend’s three young children, as well as the girlfriend’s adult son.

The undercover officer explained that it would cost Miller $1,000 per person. The court documents go on to explain how Miller gave the officer details of the house where all the people lived and described the times that would work for entry.

The conversation would continue, with the undercover agent suggesting that having the children murdered was probably not in Miller’s best interest as they “pose no threat to her”.

According to court records, Miller eventually settled with the agent and they allegedly reached an agreement that he would only commit two murders, on her ex-husband’s girlfriend and the girlfriend’s adult son, for a total of $2,000.

The agent asked for a deposit to which the documents show that Miller replied that she had no additional money and would pay them at the end of the week, the investigator states in the affidavit.

Miller then left the parking lot and was stopped minutes later by three vehicles marked NSP.

Since his arrest, the ex-husband’s girlfriend has filed protective orders on her and her children’s behalf. She said in those documents that she had “no idea what was going on” and learned of the plot after Miller was arrested by NSP agents. It also stated in the documents that Miller had lived in the house she had described to the undercover officer since the summer.

Miller was first arrested on suspicion of terrorist threats. She is now officially charged with attempted first degree murder.

Miller’s bail was set at 10% of $500,000.

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