Dana mass fires temporary workers in apparent retaliation for leak that revealed they were making $ 25 an hour


Temporary workers at the Dana plant in Louisville, Ky., Report the company mass fired temporary workers because they shared their $ 25 an hour pay stubs with full-time co-workers .

A temporary worker told the World Socialist Website, “A lot of us, the people at the contracting agency, were made redundant. No reason was given. There was no warning from the staffing center today. Nothing. Presumably because they understood the whistleblower and did a general sweep of one of us, it could have been. We have no regrets. I’m curious to see how far the people in power can get away.

Pay stub of a temporary worker at the Dana Louisville plant

Louisville workers last week reported to the World Socialist Website that temporary workers were brought to the plant at $ 25 an hour. In order to continue to maintain the flow of parts to the major automakers, at least two branches were used. Workers said the non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) came with a bold line asking them to keep their wages private.

Last week’s revelations sparked outrage from workers, who had just been bullied by the United Auto Workers (UAW) and United Steelworkers (USW) into agreeing to a sales deal with wages for the workers full-time job that will peak at just $ 22.50 by 2026. The leak showed that unions had not just forced a contract with pay increases even below market rates. He also demonstrated that the union’s conduct during “negotiations” and voting, where workers did not even receive copies of the contract, met the legal definition of bad faith because they withheld information from them. criticism, which means that the contract should be considered null and void.

Dana workers have expressed opposition to the NDA and the $ 25 hourly wage. A worker said: “I agree with you on that [that the tentative agreement was made in bad faith]”Said a Louisville worker.” We have about 40 temp workers in our factory making $ 25 an hour through two separate temp agencies. I found an ad last week for a $ 25 job. I called the temp agency and they confirmed it was for Dana.

Management at Dana’s Fort Wayne, Indiana factory, which along with Louisville rejected state and local agreements, also recently hired in, bringing in about 60 temporary workers. A production worker said the tension between the workers and the United Steelworkers is increasing. “People are pissed off. Nobody tells us anything. We hear nothing about the local agreement. He described how management has complained since early May 2021 about not being able to hire workers. “All of a sudden, about sixty people have been hired for about a week?”

“A temp was going through her phone and the temp agency said,” Dana wants 30 more [temps]”, A former full-time employee told the WSWS. According to a screenshot from a text from one of Fort Wayne’s temp agencies, all temporary workers with at least one month on the job saw their wages immediately increase to $ 18. It was not confirmed whether these workers received NDAs similar to those in Louisville.

SMS to temporary workers at the Dana Fort Wayne plant

Additionally, given that Fort Wayne’s status as a result of the vote is still pending and the USW may call for a limited strike at that plant, the sudden surge in hiring may indicate management is taking action to secure strikebreakers. in the event of a strike.

Another worker said workers from the Humboldt plant in Dana were brought to Fort Wayne on a voluntary basis. “[A] A Humboldt employee just told me he was making $ 21.50 an hour. They all seem to be daytime only, not knowing where everyone else is. “

A week after the announcement of the vote count, the language of the contract was still not seen by workers, who were forced to vote on the basis of selfish and fragmentary “highlights” distributed by locals instead. .

Fort Wayne workers are still kept in the dark about the condition of their plant. “We’re supposedly going to be hearing the international at the end of this week on our local,” said a worker. “Several members withdrew from the union. Some of these sold-out committee representatives lied to the members. They tell workers that you have to wait until your birthday to opt out, and if you ever want to register you have to pay back the dues, that’s it. I did not see or hear anything from the district officials. The union president and the committee chair are the biggest offenders.

A former production worker expressed growing opposition to the UAW and USW. “We have to lose the UAW and the USW. I don’t know what they will do next since we voted against. The members, not Millsap or the bureaucracy, should be making the decisions. We need a new organization with you [the WSWS].

“The United Steelworkers threatened us that if we get rid of the union, we won’t have representation for a year. The USW and the UAW are making so much money. Doust told us about an allowance for a strike package, which is nothing! I am for the grassroots committee! Time for them [USW] go.”

To join the grassroots committee of Dana workers, send an email[email protected], text (248) 602–0936 or complete the form below.

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