Danesco launches a modern self-service website, built and designed by Whereoware

MCLEAN, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Danesco, Inc., an enterprising and innovative consumer products company since 1963, announces the launch of a new, modern B2B e-commerce website.

Built by Danesco’s long-time partner digital agency To knowthe website creates a frictionless e-commerce experience by combining enhanced look and feel, strategic user experience (UX) optimizations, and strong self-service capabilities.

“The Whereoware team was great and a pleasure to work with throughout the project. They were patient, approachable and knowledgeable, guiding us on best practices and solutions to build a strong online B2B business with our retailers. is the beginning of a new era and the continuation of a lasting partnership with Whereoware. – Brigitte Roy, President, Danesco Inc.

Built on Optimizely B2B Commerce Cloud, the website is packed with B2B self-service features allowing retailers and sales reps to easily fill inventory.

Connected retailers see MSRP and retail prices, minimum order quantities, and product inventory on product detail pages. Retailer portals give retailers access to recent orders, wishlists, order history, and invoices, as well as a one-click ordering feature that speeds up repeat purchases.

Sales reps can shop on behalf of their customers and view past purchase history, product recommendations, and updated inventory (the site is integrated with their ERP system) to drive better sales results.

“Danesco’s website allows shoppers and salespeople to browse, search and buy inventory, while the retailer portal offers self-service tools to manage their business. Today’s customers expect this modern and efficient online experience and Danesco’s site delivers. – Joe Harris, Chief Revenue Officer, Whereoware

Methodical navigation, intuitive product filters, and visual search help customers navigate the large volume of SKUs, while product recommendations guide new product discovery. A simple CMS, on the other hand, allows Danesco to perform updates, create promotions and improve search engine optimization (SEO).

About Danesco

Danesco is a consumer goods distributor specializing in kitchen and household products. A leader in the Canadian market, Danesco provides full service sales, marketing and distribution to some of the biggest and best brands in the industry. Founded in 1963, Danesco is renowned for its customer service, retail channel management and impressive portfolio of brands and products.

About Whereware

A leading digital agency for over 20 years, Whereoware drives smart growth through digital strategy and enablement. We specialize in successfully guiding brands through the ever-changing digital landscape, through customer acquisition, retention and maximization; marketing optimization; and e-commerce solutions. Pioneers of online personalization and holistic digital experiences, we design and build award-winning websites and email campaigns, and drive impactful results with data integrations, analytics, digital advertising and SEO services. /PPC. To learn more, please visit www.whereoware.com.

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