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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Gathe, Jr. announced that the Department of Justice’s Legal Assistance Office collectively awarded $ 5,186,242 to the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement in Louisiana District Attorney’s Association, Louisiana State Courts, Louisiana Department of Justice, and Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections.

Recipients will use the funds to:

  • provide digital evidence training supplemented with equipment to dramatically improve the skills of prosecutors in Louisiana, whose limited resources exacerbate the challenges of digital evidence;
  • support adult education, employment, treatment and recovery programs;
  • improve the quality and timeliness of forensic pathology and forensic pathology services, by eliminating or reducing the backlog of evidence analysis and forensic training;
  • provide training and technical assistance to affiliated agencies and support Louisiana Department of Justice investigative positions to conduct proactive and reactive investigations into technology-facilitated crimes against children; and
  • invest in a local pilot project for technical assistance and training to promote sustainable evidence-based practices and a comprehensive strategy to align specialist probation and parole workloads with treatment courts, starting with courts mental health and veterans treatment.

Updated on December 29, 2021