DU launches admission portal for 70,000 UG seats

The portal will use the common system of assigning places for students based on their university and program preferences

The portal will use the common system of assigning places for students based on their university and program preferences

Delhi University on Monday launched its admissions portal for the 79 undergraduate courses it offers across 67 colleges. This year, the university will admit students based on the results of the University Entrance Test (CUET) and the portal will use a Common Seating Allocation System (CSAS) for students based on their subject preferences. of college and program.

The CSAS will be conducted in three phases and the first phase, which involves applying for the DU by filling in personal information and qualifying board exam scores, began on Monday. The second phase will begin after the announcement of the CUET results in which applicants will have to choose the course they wish to take, if awarded, as well as the college in which they prefer to be admitted. An applicant may complete multiple college programs and combinations in order of preference, provided they meet program-specific eligibility.

More than 6 lakh candidates

At the launch of the portal, Vice Chancellor Yogesh Singh said as per details shared by National Testing Agency (NTA), 6.14 lakh students from across the country have expressed interest in gaining admission to the AU where 70,000 places in undergraduate programs are offered. “My advice to students is to select as many choices of colleges and programs as possible so that they have no problem in being assigned their colleges and subjects of choice. We have designed the policy to minimize hassle, but we have also made arrangements for mid-term admissions so that applicants who have been excluded for whatever reason can also have a chance.

In the third phase, students will be assigned places based on their CUET scores and preferences. Once a seat has been allocated in a particular round, the candidate will be required to “accept” the seat offered by the last date/time specified for the given round.

The place allocated will only be valid for one round. Inactivity/no action will be considered non-acceptance and the applicant will no longer be able to participate in subsequent rounds of CSAS-2022. Students who are not assigned their first preference will be allowed to “upgrade” their seat in subsequent rounds.

DU has not released a timeline for the entire process. Trials for students of extracurricular activities and sports quotas will probably take place after October 10 and classes will most likely start from November 1.

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