Everett City Council Approves $ 30,000 Hiring Bonuses for Experienced Police Officers


Experienced officers could get a hiring bonus of $ 30,000 for signing with the Everett Police Department.

EVERETT, Washington – Everett City Council has approved various incentives to help the police department recruit more than two dozen officers in 2022.

The Everett Police Department (EPD) hopes to hire at least 25 officers in the new year, using the newly approved hiring incentives of $ 15,000 to $ 30,000.

EPD experienced above-average agent turnover in 2021, as did many local and regional law enforcement agencies. This means that the department has to compete with a large number of other agencies for qualified officers.

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“We are a mid-sized department that is not so big that you become just a number, but is still large enough to offer a variety of specialist unit assignments and career development opportunities.” said EPD chief Dan Templeman. “I am delighted to see the city administration and council support public safety in Everett and their commitment to making Everett PD the agency of choice for new or experienced officers looking to make a change.”

The starting salary for an experienced officer at EPD is over $ 100,000 with benefits and retirement pay. With the new incentives, these same experienced agents could receive a hiring bonus of $ 30,000, a university incentive bonus, $ 7,500 reimbursement of moving expenses and 80 hours of vacation and 80 hours of vacation leave. sickness.

Entry-level agents typically start at $ 78,000 per year with annual increases. At three years, an officer’s salary is $ 102,000, which does not include overtime or academic incentives.

New recruits to EPD usually start on patrol and move on to specialized units after their first year. These units include detective, SWAT, maritime operations and youth services.

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