Executive Enclave: CPWD to hire security agency to protect Department of Defense items in “liberated cabins”

To ensure MoD items are not ‘misplaced’ from shacks around Dalhousie Road, CPWD will engage a private agency to provide ‘unarmed’ 24 hour security at these structures that were vacated by ministry officials last year to pave the way for the construction of an executive enclave to house a new prime minister’s office, officials said on Tuesday.

The Central Directorate of Public Works, under the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, recently re-tendered the construction of the Executive Enclave which will replace approximately 700 barracks owned by the ministry. of the defense.

Last year, the Ministry of Defense offices operating from these barracks were moved to new compounds at Kasturba Gandhi Marg and Africa Avenue inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Although these offices (operating from barracks) have moved to new compounds, there are still a few items that belong to MoD offices.

“We have decided to hire a private agency to provide 24-hour security for these cabins until a construction company is awarded a contract for the new Executive Enclave,” an official told PTI.

The official said the estimated cost to hire the agency was around Rs 23 lakh.

The estimated cost of the executive enclave project which will house a new Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has risen by more than Rs 100 crore to Rs 1,316 crore as CPWD launched a new tender last week canceling its precedent, according to the CPWD tender documents.

A CPWD office said that the increased scope of work under the project, including the additional information and communication technology (ICT) components, resulted in a marginal increase in the estimated cost.

Apart from the Prime Minister’s Office, the executive enclave will house the Cabinet Secretariat, the House of India and the National Security Council Secretariat.

“India House” will be used as a conference hall like Hyderabad House where high-level talks are currently being held, especially with visiting key leaders from various countries.

According to the new tender document released earlier this week, the estimated cost of the project for the construction and five-year maintenance contract is Rs 1,316 crore.

Prospective bidders can submit pre-qualification documents by June 8 and the contractor must complete the work within 24 months, it says.

The redevelopment of Central Vista, the nation’s power corridor, includes a new parliament building, a joint central secretariat, the reorganization of the 3 km Rajpath from Rashtrapati Bhavan to India Gate, a new office and residence of the prime minister, and a new vice-president enclave.

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