Extra-random Covid test ranks travelers to Canada | Local News

While it’s not clear how many, if any, skip the tests, it’s clear that many people take them. The canadian health agency said on his site that 65,723 tests were carried out between September 10 and November 6, and that 0.15% of them came back positive.

People who have crossed the border since the Canadian side reopened on August 9 said those who first crossed the Peace Bridge were randomly sent to a tent at Fort Erie racetrack to undergo a Covid test.

But at some point in the fall, Canadian authorities shut down that testing site. Now, border officials randomly hand out a blue box to people crossing the border that includes a test kit and instructions for performing the test and returning it through Purolator.

An Amherst man, who knows about 20 people who crossed the border on the weekend of Nov. 12-14 to attend a Buffalo Canoe Club reunion in Ridgeway, Ont., Said more than half had suffered these home tests.

This man complained about the inconvenience of being forced to take another Covid test, especially one that requires a computer connection for a nurse to watch a visitor stick a tampon in each nostril and then place it in a test tube. He said some visitors take day trips to Canada, which means they don’t have time to wait for a nurse to appear online or for Purolator to pick up the test kit. He said he knew a man who drove from Fort Erie to Niagara-on-the-Lake just so he could drop off his test in a Purolator drop box there.

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