Fact check: NPC not recruiting for 2023 census

By Ibukun Emiola

CLAIM: A website impersonating the National Population Commission (NPC) invites people through social media to apply for job vacancies through the NPC Recruitment portal 2022/2023.

The complaint message contains a link https://archive.ph/q2mdr which directs to a website posing as the commission, it invites Nigerians to work for the trial census and the 2023 census.

The text message accompanying the website link invites users to click on it to submit their applications stating that it is the official AFN website.

The site, whose name appears as “NPC-E-Recruitment -22”, is also trying to impersonate the NPC in its domain name. However, the legitimate NPC website is nationalpopulation.gov.ng.

The Imposter website asks users to provide personal information as part of the recruitment process. Required information includes the user’s marital status, date of birth, institution attended, and discipline. There is also a menu option for users to choose the certificate they have obtained from the institutions mentioned.

Once the user clicks on the “continue” button, a new page loads congratulating them. “Your application for NATIONAL POPULATION COMMISSION ON-GOING RECRUITMENT 2022/2023 has been received,” the post read.

The post also asks users to answer three questions, requiring them to provide information about their employment status, means of identification and whether they wish to be retained.

After answering the questions, a new message tells the user that they have been approved to work in the NPC. However, to receive the staff form, they must share the program information with their contacts via WhatsApp.

This sequencing is consistent with phishing scams designed to extract personal information. A warning below the instructions – written in red – indicates that if the applicant does not follow the steps correctly, the application form page will not load.

VERIFICATION: There is no information about the recruitment program on the NPC websitehis Facebook and Twitterwhere the institution regularly publishes information of interest to the public.

The WHOIS Information from the impostor’s website shows that it was registered on September 2, 2021 in Iceland with the registrar identified as “Namecheap”.

On the other hand, the WHOIS Informationn of the legit NPC website shows that it was registered on October 24, 2019. Legit domains are usually older than impostor domains.

NPC Director of Public Affairs Dr. Isiaka Yahaya had July 18, 2022 issue a press release disavowed the impostor’s website, adding that the trial census portal had been closed and the exercise ended on June 27, therefore not inviting applications for the exercise or for the 2023 census exercise.

NAN searched Google Lens and found no other copies of the press release above. Further, a phone call was made to Oyo State Director, NPC, Mr. Abdulkareem Bello who confirmed the authenticity of the press release.

VERDICT: The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) has discovered that the claim being circulated on social media regarding NPC recruitment for 2022/2023 is a hoax as the portal has been shut down and the exercise is already over. (NAN)(www.nannews.ng)



Edited by Isaac Aregbesola

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