Fight against unemployment: Case of temporary work


One of the core functions of any government is to provide jobs for its citizens or at least to provide an enabling environment for people to find employment in the private sector. We know that the government is the largest employer in the country.

Today, many people are unable to get a job in the civil service due to the fact that the public space is suffocated.

There are also retirees who have obtained contracts, which leaves little room for newcomers to find a job.

The problem is so acute that graduates formed what is now called; Association of unemployed graduates.

Faced with this rise in unemployment, many people have proposed various measures to reduce the burden of unemployment. These include extending the length of national service while the person remains unemployed and removing contracts after retirement.

Although experience has been cited as the main reason retirees get contracts in the public sector, I believe that you don’t have to stay in the public service to have your experience felt.

agency work

What may not have been taken into account in all efforts to increase employment is agency work. The establishment of agencies in the various sectors will ensure that there will always be a labor pool from which people can be called upon to work when the need arises.

The agency concept guarantees temporary employment for many people, while allowing managers to regulate the number of staff according to the demand for services.

If only a percentage of vacancies in the public sector are offered to agencies, many people will have work to do, even temporarily.

Once working in the field of agencies, any qualified person can be called upon to work from a few hours to a few days a week, thus reducing the burden of unemployment.

In the health sector, for example, health agencies have helped meet the staffing standard for many health facilities and have also provided jobs for many people in the health sector.

Even in advanced countries where resources abound, managers still find the agency concept relevant to meet their human resource needs rather than the permanent use of a rigid and fixed number of people, whether there is work to do or not.

In the UK, for example, it is estimated that around 800,000 workers get their jobs through agency work.

Filling all public vacancies with permanent ones creates a system from which only a few people benefit; while the hybrid employment system, permanent and agency, ensures that the majority of people benefit.

It is important to note that agency workers are not just a homogeneous group of workers without permanent employment. Many people with permanent jobs who feel they have more time to work for extra income also find agency work helpful. In fact, some people prefer agency type of employment over formal employment because of its flexibility.


Ideally, any eligible Ghanaian should be able to benefit from vacancies in the public sector; but the fact that resources are limited, coupled with the lack of rationalization in the fair sharing of this national pie, means that some will get public sector jobs and others will not, no matter how hard they try.

The agency concept tends to bridge the gap between those with regular employment and those without formal employment.

So far, agency workers have operated primarily in the private sector, but the government, which has the greatest employment capacity, can also work with existing human resource agencies to roll out programs to speed up the introduction. temporary workers in the public space.

In some jurisdictions, newly qualified graduates join and work for agencies while the government considers their permanent posting, reducing their initial layoff.

Agency work will increase the number of people who get a job, even if it is temporary, without necessarily increasing the government’s budgeted expenditure on long-term wages and salaries.

The author is Medical Director, Royal Medical Agency and Clinic. E-mail. This email address is protected from spam. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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