Forget the myths about agency work – could this be the right decision for you?



Job seekers are encouraged to view agencies as a source of sustainable and promising work.

Scunthorpe Job Center says many of the myths around it – like the fact that it costs workers and is never full-time – aren’t true.

Temporary agency work can allow people to have flexible hours that meet their needs and can become permanent.

An agency will also never charge you for working for them.

Rather than being a ‘dead end job’, it can also be a stepping stone to develop valuable skills and become a vital part of a business.

Agencies can offer full-time, flexible work, which can become permanent

Ongo Recruitment is one of the many companies that work with Scunthorpe Jobcentre to help those looking for this profession.

Richard Green, Head of Recruitment at Ongo, said: “Being able to help people prepare for work and find a job is one of the most rewarding aspects of a recruiting agency.

“Nominating someone for a role that you know they will be great in, and being able to share the good news that they have the job is great.

“Here at Ongo Recruitment, we work closely with Scunthorpe Jobcentre to help people in our local community find paid work. The steps are convenient, we’re here to help.

“We work with many different sectors including warehousing and industry to care for and support work and have a wide variety of roles such as worker support workers or production operators, so we are confident that we can find something suitable.

Agencies may offer many different potential lines of work

“And our support doesn’t stop when we put someone in a job, we offer ongoing support such as the Next Level Project which helps working people take their careers to the next level through training. and support. “

Visit Recruitment in progress or call 01724 844848 for details.

Red Recruitment 24: 7 also offers a wide range of employment opportunities in North Lincolnshire.

Managing Director Mark Morley said: “We are happy to support those looking for work and we have a strong working relationship with the job center. At present, we have over 116 local opportunities.

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“We cover industrial, administrative and technical recruiting with most roles leading to permanent or long-term employment. With over 15 years of local experience, we are the ones who get you the job you really want. We guarantee to pay all of our workers on their payday each week.

You can contact your local office on 01724 277966.

Anne Brewster, head of employment and partnerships for Scunthorpe Jobcentre, says agency work could be suitable for many different job seekers.

“If you are looking for work, whether starting a career or with existing skills and experience, you should consider all avenues to find that next job. Agencies can be a great way to start a new career.” , she said.

“Agency staff are skilled in their area of ​​work to ensure that the company and the job seeker are a suitable match. They also have a reputation to maintain with the company if they are to be a successful agency.

“Don’t be afraid to approach certain agencies for a chat and ask your work coach at the job center for an up-to-date list of agencies for the area.”

More information on what to expect when working for an agency is available on the Confederation of Recruitment and Employment website.

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