Governor Hochul Announces Salary Increases for Nursing Positions to Improve Statewide Recruitment and Retention Efforts

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced a series of salary increases for New York State agency nursing positions to help improve recruitment and retention among health care workers in the state. The increases, which take into account the growing complexity of nursing duties and high educational requirements for nurses, will bring the starting salary of registered nurses working the day shift to nearly $90,000 in northern state and at $108,000 in the low when associated with pay gaps. The wage increases will benefit approximately 6,500 New York State employees across 15 state agencies.

“After more than two years on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19, nurses in New York deserve more than our gratitude – they deserve fair and competitive pay,” Governor Hochul said. “These pay increases reflect our state’s commitment to supporting our healthcare workers and will help us retain and recruit the next generation of nurses to keep New Yorkers safe.”

New York State upgraded some nursing titles, with the upgrades representing an average salary increase of 4.5% per title. Registered nurse titles will also now be hired in the middle of the pay scale. Additionally, RN titles will receive an updated shift pay to include a 7% increase in base pay for the evening shift (4:00 p.m. to midnight) and a 10% increase in base pay for the night shift (12:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.).

These salary increases are in addition to the increase in geographic pay differentials for registered and licensed practical nurse titles enacted earlier this year. In July, RN positions in Mid-Hudson and Downstate received a geographic pay differential of $35,000, a 94% increase from the previous differential of $18,000 . RN positions located in the rest of the state also received a geographic pay differential of $20,000, a 67% increase from the previous pay differential of $12,000. In May, Licensed Practical Nurse positions in the Mid Hudson and Downstate received a geographic pay differential of $13,000, a 550% increase from the previous differential of $2,000, and positions located in the rest of the state received a geographic pay differential of $4,000, a 100% increase from the previous differential of $2,000.

The salary increase is expected to have the biggest impact at the following agencies, which currently have the most eligible positions:

  • State University of New York – 3,381 employees
  • Office of Mental Health – 1,663 employees
  • Office for Persons with Developmental Disabilities – 674 employees
  • Department of Corrections and Community Supervision – 518 employees
  • Ministry of Health – 371 employees
  • Office of Addiction Services and Supports – 120 employees

New York State Department of Public Service Commissioner Timothy Hogues said: “New York State employs thousands of nurses, who provide essential services in our state agencies to protect the health and well-being of New Yorkers. By providing our nurses with these well-deserved pay raises , our partner agencies will be better positioned to retain this talent. Under Governor Hochul’s leadership, the Department of Public Service is working hard to implement changes to better support and retain our public workforce. and to ensure our compensation is competitive to attract the next generation of talent to careers in public service.”

Public Employees Federation President Wayne Spence said: “PEF has been advocating for pay equity and title restructuring for nurses in our union for years. reward these dedicated public servants. At a time when we’ve all seen the importance of public health services, New York must continue to do everything in its power to attract and retain nurses.”

These salary increases are part of Governor Hochul’s historic commitment and investments to restore the healthcare workforce and build the healthcare system of tomorrow. As part of the enacted fiscal year 2023 budget, Governor Hochul is investing more than $10 billion in health care, including more than $4 billion to support health care worker salaries and bonuses. This includes a $1.2 billion investment in retention bonuses for health and mental hygiene workers, with up to $3,000 in bonuses for full-time workers who stay on for a year. , and prorated bonuses for those who work fewer hours.

New York State fosters an environment that encourages and supports professional growth and career opportunities for nurses and employs thousands of nurse practitioners, registered nurses and licensed practical nurses in agencies located across the state. ‘State.

Nurses employed in the state government receive:

  • Comprehensive benefits package, including pension benefits
  • A wide range of job mobility options
  • A wide selection of education, professional development and training opportunities
  • Tuition reimbursement and tuition assistance

For more information on nursing careers in the state government, visit Nursing Careers in State Government.

To learn more about working for New York State and how to take the next step in pursuing a rewarding career in public service, please visit the Department of Public Service website and follow the Department public service on Facebook, Twitterand LinkedIn.

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