Green and Red Flags to Look for When Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency in 2022

Choosing a social media marketing agency to help your business grow is an important decision. You trust someone to drive your digital strategy, meet your ROI goals, manage your paid media budget, and even represent your brand online.

The hardest part of hiring an agency may be that, as a business owner or manager, your knowledge of marketing may be more academic than practical, making it difficult to determine whether an agency is legit or nope.

Even if you have good and solid marketing expertise, it can be difficult to choose because there are several good agencies. But how do you know which one is right for you? Can they achieve what you need? Or are they blowing smoke?

Ibarra Villaseran, director of customer services at Truelogic, says that, as with any business partnership, you need to make sure beforehand that investing your time and money in a business is worthwhile.

“There are many reputable and successful social media marketing agencies out there. When shopping for an agency, take the time to do your research and find the one that will meet your needs and brand values. The right agency for you will work tirelessly to help you grow your business as if it were his own,” says Ibarra.

He shares a list of the most common green and red flags to look for that should help when choosing a marketing agency.

Green flags

1. Industrial expertise

When looking at an agency’s client list, check to see if they have experience in your industry. If you are a banking company, do they have other banking companies as customers? If you work in fashion, do they work with similar brands? Finding an agency with a balanced client list shows that they take each brand’s unique needs to heart when selecting digital marketing solutions.

Take a look at the potential agency’s success stories, case studies, testimonials and portfolio. It will show you the results they can achieve for their clients. Make sure they’re good at marketing, communicating, and building inspiring brands that consumers love.

The more experience an agency has in your industry, the more likely they are to produce the results you are looking for.

2. Consistent Reporting

Transparency is key to a stable relationship and having an agreed set of metrics that you are working to improve brings clarity and comfort to all parties.

“Reporting is critical to the client-agency relationship,” says Ibarra. It’s part of the agency’s role to explain and keep the client up to date on conversion metrics, different audiences, and what’s going on with their ad mix.

The data will tell you how well your social media marketing strategy is working and whether it meets your business goals. Your agency should provide you with monthly and quarterly reports and make themselves available to answer any questions you may have.

When you understand what’s going on in the marketing mix, it’s easier for you to collaborate and solve future problems together. So before you sign with an agency, let them show you a consistent type of reporting and feedback loop they have.

3. Strong corporate values

A company’s values ​​tell you a lot about how it will treat you as a customer. Do they see you as just a number or do they like your business? You want an agency that values ​​your business and strives to meet the needs of your social media business.

If they appreciate taking shortcuts to get things done quickly and you appreciate taking your time and working hard, this social media company will be hard to work with. You should choose an agency that will be easy to work with because you share the same values. In addition to the core values ​​of the company, you want to ensure that these values ​​are carried by the company team.

Red flags

1. Miscommunication

The best way to evaluate the agency before you even meet them is on the quality of their communications and to determine if you will be able to build a relationship with them. How soon do you get a call after asking? Are they listening instead of just talking? Is their marketing and strategy shrewd and commendable?

A social media marketing agency’s communication will likely be pretty bad throughout your partnership with them if they can’t even sell themselves or if they don’t bother to call you as soon as you inquire.

“You can’t afford to work with a social media agency that takes three or four days to respond to an email. Make sure the agency you work with will communicate effectively and consistently with you to drive the best possible results,” says Ibarra.

2. Too good to be true promises.

One of the biggest red flags when hiring an agency is any company that guarantees surefire success. They may promise a high number of leads and immediate results, but this can lead to black hat techniques like buying lead lists and bad backlinks, which can hurt your long-term performance.

Remember: a good social media marketing agency knows that marketing campaigns require quality time and that building a brand on social media is not an overnight task that produces results. instant results.

3. They are doing their marketing campaigns poorly.

Do they practice what they preach? If an agency can’t impress you with their digital marketing, they’re unlikely to help you achieve your goals. If you’re hiring an agency for help with online visibility and brand awareness, examine how the agency promotes itself and check how they manage their social media platforms. This will help you better understand how an agency will treat your brand.

“Choose your social media marketing agency wisely. Do your preliminary research and you will be able to find the perfect agency for you. Don’t settle for less than your standards because at the end of the day, you only want what best represents your business,” says Ibarra.

“For agencies, work with your clients and give them the support they need. Stay in touch to make sure you’re always on the same page. Be genuine and honest. The secret to encouraging prospects to sign with you is to provide a foundation of trust. If you do these things, you’ll be steadily working towards your marketing goals and achieving them in no time,” he adds.

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