Gurugram: MCG panel to survey hiring of C&D waste agency

The Municipality of Gurugram (MCG) formed a four-member committee to investigate alleged irregularities in the hiring of a private contractor in February 2019 to collect and transport construction and demolition (C&D) waste as well as payments carried out at the agency. for work during the term of the contract, among others.

The committee was formed by MCG Commissioner Mukesh Kumar Ahuja on December 14 following instructions from the Directorate of Local Urban Bodies (ULB), Haryana.

The committee is made up of a joint MCG commissioner, a chief engineer, an account manager and a district attorney.

Pursuant to Ahuja’s order, a copy of which is with HT, the committee must investigate three key points: whether the MCG had obtained the approval of the Haryana government, as the competent authority, before proceeding to award the contract to the private agency; whether the agency has exercised its functions in accordance with the three-year agreement signed with the MCG; and alleged irregularities in payments to the contractor.

In addition, the committee must determine the reasons why C&D waste is scattered throughout the city other than the designated sites, according to the ordinance.

“References have been made by ULB and MoEF, and further questions are pending regarding payment of invoices submitted by (private contractor)… to MCG and C&D waste scattered at various locations within MCG boundaries. . A detailed investigation is hereby ordered… The committee will examine all aspects of the matter and submit a detailed report within 10 days, ”said the order from Ahuja’s office.

According to the order, the executive engineer MCG for the Swachh Bharat mission was responsible for providing the necessary documents and records to the committee.

The ULB, in its October 6 order in Ahuja, said Raman Sharma, an RTI activist and resident of Malibu Towne, alleged that the then MCG commissioner and other civic officials had committed “systematic and organized large-scale corruption of ??50 crore “on the collection, transport and dumping of C&D waste during the” period of containment and health emergency of Covid “, and asked Ahuja to consider the matter and take the necessary measures in accordance with the rule.

Ahuja’s 52-page ordinance regarding the constitution of the committee includes the ULB order sent to it on October 6, complaints from the resident of Malibu Towne, as well as copies of invoices submitted by the contractor. and payments made by the MCG.

Some of the important points raised by the complainant Sharma indicate that, according to the minutes of the meeting, chaired by the then MCG Commissioner on February 6, 2020, he ordered MCG officials not to enter any details or invoices. related to C&D work in the measurement book. and that only invoices / invoices submitted by the private company will be sufficient for payment after proper verification. Another point raised by the complainant was that invoices were approved and payments made to the contractor accordingly, within two days of their submission.

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