Health Canada is hiring a registered nurse and you can earn up to $121,000 without a medical degree

Dust off that CV, Canada! If you are looking to embark on a new professional adventure, Health Canada is currently recruiting for a lot of positions and you do not need a medical degree for some of them.

The government agency has recently posted several job vacancies with various requirements and they could earn you a lot of money.

From administrative support roles to executive assistants and more, there are so many opportunities right now and some are even paying over $100,000. Eek!

If a career in federal health care isn’t for you, the Government of Canada is currently hiring across the country, including House of Commons jobs that pay six figures and CSIS jobs that don’t require of diploma.

Office and Administrative Support Agent

Salary: $50,821 to $70,622

Location: Multiple locations across Canada

Who should apply: Anyone with a high school diploma can apply, although being bilingual may be an asset.

The nominee must be someone who wishes to be part of the “federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health”.

There aren’t too many details about this specific role available, but likely tasks include creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, as well as filing and sending emails.

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Administrative positions

Salary: $54,878 to $61,379

Location: Multiple locations across Canada

Who should apply: Canadians with a high school diploma or other employer-approved individuals with experience in a clerical or office administrative role. If you are meticulous, enterprising and customer-oriented, even better!

In this position, duties include providing support services to staff and managers, data entry, reviewing and coordinating a variety of activities, and administering financial activities.

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Senior Program Officer

Salary: $71,599 to $77,368

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Who Should Apply: To be considered for this position, candidates will need a high school diploma or employer-approved alternatives.

Experience in maintaining relationships with stakeholders is also required, as well as experience in writing reports, presentations and briefings.

A day’s work can include reviewing applications from businesses that want to grow or sell cannabis, contacting cannabis licensees to support them, and training new agents, among other things.

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Scientific Reviewer III

Salary: $82,579 to $106,319

Location: Ottawa

Who should apply: Applicants with a degree from a post-secondary institution “with a major in a field related to the duties of the position, such as biology, biochemistry, chemistry, food science, or toxicology/pharmacology” may apply their CV for this role.

Applicants will also need experience such as “carrying out risk or toxicological assessments of chemicals for the purpose of assessing human health impacts”, as well as “carrying out chemical exposure assessments for the purpose of assess the impacts on human health”.

That sounds like a lot, but eligible people could earn six figures if they match well. Eek!

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Executive Assistant and Administrative Officer

Salary: $65,547 to $70,622

Location: Multiple locations across Canada

Who should apply: If you have a high school diploma or employer-approved alternatives, as well as two years of relevant administrative service experience, this position may be for you.

Some of the tasks you will need to perform include managing a general manager’s schedule and developing support materials, as well as supervising, monitoring and coaching other employees.

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Scientific Reviewer IV

Salary: $102,434 to $121,714

Location: Toronto, Ottawa

Who should apply: Health Canada is seeking an individual with a degree in the natural, physical or applied sciences who has experience providing scientific expertise or advice to stakeholders.

Candidates will also need to be bilingual and have “experience in writing scientific reports and in presenting and defending recommendations based on scientific findings”.

The agency didn’t share too many details about the specifics of the role, but it says you can expect “a cutting-edge organization that values ​​both your physical and psychological health and well-being.” [and] offers rich opportunities for career development.”

If that sounds like you, there’s a salary of over $121,000 on the table, which sounds pretty good, huh?

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