Healthcare industry sees big job gains in June

Diving Brief:

  • The healthcare industry added about 57,000 jobs in June, according to preliminary data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. latest jobs report out Friday. In May, the industry added about 15,000 jobs.
  • Ambulatory services saw the largest employment gains, followed by hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities.
  • Healthcare employment remains down 1.1%, or 176,000 jobs, from February 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning in the United States

Overview of the dive:

The healthcare sector suffered major job losses early in the pandemic as stay-at-home orders and restrictions on elective care forced some providers to temporarily shut down and furlough or lay off workers. personal.

In April 2020, 1.5 million healthcare workers have lost their jobs, according to BLS data.

Industry has slowly recovered many of these positions, with fluctuating gains and losses for different health professions and employers. In June, all sectors of the healthcare industry recorded gains of varying magnitude.

Hospitals added 21,000 jobs last month, compared to 10,600 in May. Since June 2021, hospitals have created 52,700 jobs.

Ambulatory services also recorded strong gains, adding 28,000 jobs compared to around 2,000 in May.

Nursing and residential care facilities that saw consistent losses early in the pandemic have also seen recent gains.

These employers added 8,000 jobs in June, compared to about 7,000 jobs in May.

Others in the sector, such as doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices and outpatient care centers, also saw job gains.

The United States finally added 372,000 jobs across all industries in June and the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.6%, according to the BLS.

This corresponds to the average monthly gain of 383,000 jobs in recent months, according to the agency.

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