How to get a job at Reddit, which pays senior talent up to $240,000

  • Social news forum Reddit is actively recruiting for hundreds of positions.
  • Labor disclosure data shows that senior talent earns $240,000 in base pay.
  • Reddit’s vice president of global talent acquisition shared six characteristics of successful applicants.

Reddit is hiring right now.

Founded by University of Virginia roommates Steve Huffman, Alexis Ohanian and Aaron Swartz in 2005, Reddit remains smaller than social media giants like Meta or TikTok, but its influence on internet subcultures is outsized. The company has 50 million daily active users, making it a comparative minnow, but sub-forums or sub-reddits, such as r/antiwork, r/WallStreetBets and the now defunct r/TheDonald often report more trends. important in economics, markets and politics.

“We’re able to give voice to many people, wherever they are in the world, and it’s really something that people love and appreciate,” said Carla McIntosh, vice president of the global talent acquisition at Reddit. “It’s a reliable source of information.”

When it comes to hiring staff, she added, the company aims for a culture of inclusion.

While other tech companies freeze hiring, Reddit continues to actively hire and grew its workforce by 85% in 2021, McIntosh said.

Open roles cover engineering, data, design, marketing, sales and more in the US, UK, Europe and Canada. Jobs include machine learning engineer and senior data scientist, experimentation.

The company also offers 12-week summer internship programs with the option to transition into full-time employees upon completion.

Reddit doesn’t disclose salaries, but an Insider analysis of foreign labor hires from 2021 showed an engineering manager could earn up to $345,000. Updated data for 2022 shows a senior product manager can earn $230,000; a senior machine learning software engineer won $220,000; a staff engineer earned $241,020.

The application process includes applying for a position through the website and submitting a CV or LinkedIn profile. There are four to five rounds of interviews with different types of tests for the roles. There may be a coding exam for engineers or a presentation if you are applying for a sales or marketing position.

McIntosh described five traits in successful applicants.

1. Have a growth mindset

Things are changing rapidly in technology, so workers must constantly keep up with the rapid pace of change. McIntosh said a particular trait needed to keep up is being able to “evolve” and adapt to situations.

“You can understand that in this market, and these days, things are changing all the time. So for us, it’s very important that we talk to people early on about the importance of having a state of spirit of growth, of being adaptable, of being open to change and being very curious.”

2. Be passionate and curious

Entry-level candidates may feel at a disadvantage if they lack experience, but being openly passionate about the platform will take you a long way.

McIntosh said being “naturally curious” can make up for not having a lot of existing experience.

“People who can be coached, who seek feedback, who are naturally curious, who want to dig in and understand why things are a certain way within our company, that to me is one of the best things an entry-level candidate can bring And just a general excitement of wanting to grow and evolve and become excellent in any profession, whether it’s accounting or talent acquisition, someone who is just motivated to want to come and learn and grow and do good work for Reddit.

She added that applicants are “welcome to be bold” and to express how excited they are about the opportunity.

“I think we really welcome people and want them to be very enthusiastic, and so I think it would be a mistake for a candidate to hold back their enthusiasm. We want people who let us know everything they want to do. with our company.”

3. Don’t be too repetitive

The hiring managers at Reddit are really interested in knowing who you are, so being authentic in interviews will help your personality shine.

McIntosh said, “We don’t want a person to come in and be repeated too much, we really want to get to know them. That’s really important, and that’s what makes Reddit’s culture so amazing, that’s that we can all bring our authentic selves to work every day.”

She added: “We want to make sure people know that the first time they connect with us, whether it’s through an interview or an email, we really want people to be just relaxed. We want to do our part to make sure they’re comfortable and make sure they know this is what we want.”

4. Give your opinion

Share your thoughts on how the hiring process can be improved.

“I think a candidate always impresses me if I get a follow-up note, and a person is open enough to give me feedback,” McIntosh said.

“I think that’s always helpful because one of our values ​​that we’ve talked about is ‘evolve’. So I love it when candidates give me real-time insight into the experience. I think that’s is a really good formation, it makes them stand out a bit.”

5. Show your personality in your LinkedIn profile or CV

Your LinkedIn profile or resume isn’t just a place to show off your experiences and accomplishments.

“I think it’s really important to make sure their resume or LinkedIn profile really speaks to who they are as a holistic person, and doesn’t just list a set of skills and abilities. It should really give insight into who they are as a person and what their passions are, sort of the why of their profession,” McIntosh advised.

She added, “When a person can list their interests, I always find that a really appealing thing. You can start to visualize what that person would be like if they were hired, working on a team, or collaborating on a project, rather than just having a series of bullet points that say ‘this is what I did’.”

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