Illinois State University College of Education Launches $ 25 Million Illinois Tutoring Initiative in Partnership with State Agencies – News


The College of Education (COE) launched the Illinois Tutoring Initiative in partnership with the Governor’s Office, the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE), and the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB). The $ 25 million program will provide one-to-one tuition to approximately 8,500 Illinois students over a two-year period. This is one of four state initiatives to renew learning in the wake of COVID-related education disruptions.

The COE will coordinate the project with the state agency team and host one of the six Institutional Partner Offices (IPOs). Other IPOs include Governor’s State University, Illinois Central College, Northern Illinois University, Southeastern Illinois Community College, and Southern Illinois University.

“This initiative is an exciting collaboration with faculty and staff at ISU to build on our online tutoring program which was established in 2020,” said Dr. Christy Borders, Director of Illinois Tutoring Initiative and professor in the Department of Special Education at ISU. “This allows us to bring a more intensive, research-based tutoring strategy to students across the state. High Impact Tutoring is an exciting way to support teachers by complementing classroom instruction and working to develop student skills.

The Illinois Tutoring Initiative is designed around strategic partnerships with local school districts that have been disproportionately affected by COVID, have a high percentage of low-income students and families, and have a low funding adequacy.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the learning and socio-emotional well-being of so many students,” said Kim Champion, ISU IPO coordinator. “This program is unique and will be important because it allows a team of educators who know each student best to be involved in selecting students for tutoring, planning tutoring sessions, and selecting programs and materials. for tutoring sessions, while ensuring appropriate assistance and consistency for each student.

The Illinois Tutoring Initiative is based on research and best practices for high impact tutoring. Each student will participate in individual or small group tutoring for at least three hours per week for periods of eight weeks up to an entire semester.

Tutors will be made up of students, retired teachers and members of the community. Youth and child focused nonprofits will be targeted to help develop the workforce. ISU IPO is currently recruiting tutors with the goal of hiring 35 tutors to work in District 87 at the start of the spring semester.

“We are thrilled to launch the program with a longtime WCC partner, District 87,” Champion said. “By March, we plan to have 300 guardians serving approximately 650 children in eight school districts in our area. “

The Mary and Jean Borg Center for Reading and Literacy is developing tutor training for all tutors across the state. The project coordination office in the COE will also develop and manage the tutor / tutor twinning systems and serve as the data collection and research center for the program. The multidisciplinary research team is currently developing research protocols. “As the premier educator preparation institution in the Midwest, Illinois State’s College of Education is uniquely positioned to coordinate this project and manage research, while impacting thousands of students in Illinois,” said Jim Wolfinger, Dean of the WCC. “This program will have a significant impact on students and future teachers for years to come. “

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