Independent agency Salty Artist Management quietly closed this year

Salty Artist Management, the management company that once housed Mitski, Jay Som, Car Seat Headrest and other notable independent artists, closed on October 29. Billboard reveals in a new report. The company’s website and social media accounts are also gone. According to Billboard, Salty co-founders Chris Crowley and Chad Heimann shut down the business after Crowley was charged with sexual harassment.

According to Billboard, Crowley texted a professional in the music industry suggesting he wanted to “partner” with a woman on Salty’s management team who was in her twenties. The woman — who Billboard calls Stephanie – started working at Salty on July 19th. The text message was reportedly sent sometime between its start date and August 21.

On August 22, Stephanie reportedly went to see a movie and have dinner with Crowley. Stephanie said Billboard that her day with Crowley had been “uneventful”, so she was surprised to receive a text from Crowley apologizing for flirting with her. Stephanie reportedly told Chad Heimann about her co-founder’s text message. Heimann was favorable, according to Billboard, and “shared a lot of [Stephanie’s] concerns ”with Crowley. At this point, according to the report, Stephanie was unaware of the “hang up” text message.

Months later, Stephanie was reportedly shown the ‘hang up’ text message and on October 17 she met Crowley to confront him about it. Crowley reportedly apologized, but, due to her unease at Salty’s, Stephanie announced her resignation during a corporate Zoom meeting on October 19. Several managers have chosen to leave Salty in solidarity with Stephanie, according to Billboard.

Crowley and Heimann founded Salty Artist Management in 2012. In October 2020, Pitchfork received a press release by email extolling the hiring of four new managers by the company. The email also included a list of Salty’s clients at the time, highlighting the car seat headrest, Ella Jane, Field Medic, Giraffage, Huck, Jackie Hayes, Jay Som, Kate Bollinger , Michelle, Mitski, Model / Actriz, Momma, Slow Pulp, and Soft Glass. According to Billboard, Mitski was led by Crowley, while Slow Pulp and Jay Som did not work directly with him.

Pitchfork contacted the publicist who sent the October 2020 email and also attempted to contact Chris Crowley and Chad Heimann.

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