Infosys Investigates IT Portal Issue: Income Tax Service After User Complaints


After many users reported problems while accessing the online income tax portal, the income tax department said in a tweet that Bengaluru-based IT service Infosys is looking into On the question. The IT department confirmed the development in a tweet. User data was unaffected by the recent online portal glitch, Business Today reported.

The tweet read: “An issue with the search functionality of the e-filing website has been brought to our attention. The income tax department is seized of the case. priority issue.”

Earlier today, many users complained about not being able to access their tax records on the portal. Others have also claimed that the portal could be hacked.

However, this is not the first time that users have reported problems accessing the portal. Infosys CEO Salil Parekh said earlier this year that the company was working in tandem with the IT department on the next set of areas related to the IT portal.

He was quoted as saying by news agency PTI, “On the IT project, we are extremely proud that as of December 31, as reported, 5.8 crores of returns have been filed during this period. The same day, more than 46 lakh declarations have been filed and the deadline has been maintained…”.

Infosys was awarded the contract to develop the new portal in 2019. The portal was launched in June 2021. Since its launch, users have reported issues and difficulties in the operation of the portal.

(With contributions from Karishma Asoodani, PTI)

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