Inside a luxury home for sale in London’s most exclusive area

  • A $31.3million mansion on one of London’s most expensive streets has recently come on the market.
  • The house is for sale in its “shell” condition, which means the buyer has to shell out millions for an interior fit-out.
  • It has space for a fully equipped gym, a library, a hammam and a floor dedicated to a master suite.

A luxury mansion in one of London’s most exclusive residential areas has recently come on the market.

The property is being sold for the first time in its current state, which was recently created by striking the interior walls of two adjoining luxury terraces to create a mansion, a process which has already been completed.

Buying the house would cost you £25m, or around $31.3m, on a 150-year lease that started in 2015.

Sales of luxury properties in central London have increased as people have returned to the city after the pandemic, seeking to be closer to work opportunities again, while having more space at home.

Sales of multi-million pound properties rose 33% in January 2022 compared to the same month in 2019, while February sales were up 31% compared to 2019, according to the property data platform, LongRes.

The growing interest is also driving prices up. Take a look at one of the most expensive properties currently on the London market…

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