Insolvency Service provides digital channel for creditors

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The Insolvency Service aims to create a new digital service allowing creditors to send and receive information from it.

The plan is part of its 2021-26 strategy to go digital first, with key objectives to minimize avoidable contact with customers through more automation and self-service, and identify opportunities to direct customers to the appropriate channel for the information they need.

The agency published a contract notice for its support in a nine-month project, which will take place next year, in the provision of an online service for the Creditor Statement (RTC) and Proof of Debt (POD) processes, as well as the hypercare as it transitions to public beta, which is expected in July.

The service will allow creditors to submit documents digitally to support claims in bankruptcy and liquidation cases. The agency planned to manage between 300,000 and 350,000 RTCs per year.

Portal, Dashboard, and Prompts

He has already identified a solution to digitize the two high-volume processes in the alpha phase of the project, and said the service could be done through a portal with a dashboard and a series of prompts allowing the user to ‘to act.

The notice states: ‘This will remove a time consuming high volume paper-based process, provide cost savings to the agency and our service users, and contribute to the government’s environmental and sustainability ambitions.’

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