Israeli news portal Ynet publishes an article about the Jewish community in Azerbaijan [VIDEO]

By Orientation

Israel’s Ynet news portal published an article by Joel Rappel working at Bar-Ilan University’s Holocaust Research Institute, who recently traveled to Baku to attend the organization’s conference Limmud attended by speakers from Israel, the United States and Europe, Orientation reports on November 12.

Noting that the Jewish community in Baku numbers 25,000 people, Rappel said that 10% of members of this community are actively involved in its life.

According to Rappel, during the city tour, he visited three synagogues.

“They are located close to each other, but their rules differ significantly. We visited the synagogue of Georgian Jews, who make up 10% of the total number of Jews in Baku, Mountain Jews (70%) and Ashkenazi Jews , mostly of Polish origin, arrived in the city 120 years ago (20%),” he noted.

The author of the article also mentions a Jewish school in Baku, founded in 1994 with 250 students.

“By European standards, that’s a big number. The school is run by a mountain Jew, Rabbi Zamir Isayev, who also heads the Georgian Jewish community in Baku. Children from kindergarten to 17 study at the school, Hebrew, English, French, Azeri and Russian are taught there. The study is supervised by ‘Hefciba’ [educational program of the Jewish Agency for Israel]
headquarters of the Israeli Ministry of Education,” Rappel explained.

He also talked about the Chabad Ohr Avner school. According to him, it is slightly away from the center of Baku and also receives strong support from the headquarters of “Hefciba”.

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