Jim Harbaugh to leave Michigan for the NFL? Sam Webb and John U. Bacon Chat

TMI’s Sam Webb had a lengthy interview with New York Times bestselling author John U. Bacon on Friday about Jim Harbaugh’s future in Michigan. In a roughly 25-minute interview, Webb and Bacon offered their thoughts on Harbaugh’s chances of staying in Michigan or leaving for the NFL, and the factors that go into that decision.

Please read for yourself, with the full Q&A below.

Sam Webb: Everyone I spoke to, and they told me they believed that Jim harbaugh will be extended. He will remain the coach of the University of Michigan. This is from several perspectives within the university reaching out to a few people around him far from Michigan, they all expect that at the end of the day he will be happier. than it ever has been. He is overwhelmed. He sees a great opportunity on the horizon here. And that in the end he will come back.

However, each of them, bar none, told me that they expect them to listen to the NFL this year. And this was later corroborated by some comments from a relative of one of the signers who spoke to Jim harbaugh about this very thing. And we told them in this conversation and he would amuse her.

John U. Bacon: People don’t realize it, because I think you have a very good report on the radio. You and I hardly ever spoke during the week. It’s very rare. Maybe texting back and forth, but I can’t say I know your sources exactly. And you don’t know mine either, exactly. But I’m willing to bet that some of them definitely overlap. And yet everything you said, I know some of them don’t. Everything you said has been 100% corroborated by everyone I talk to as well, point by point that Harbaugh is happy in Michigan. He is unlikely to leave. He listens. And look, he just turned 58 and this is the last chance to look around. If I was him I probably would before you set up shop and he was outspoken, as you pointed out, with the rookies and so on, which didn’t hurt. Fans on Twitter are freaking out over the recruiting.

It won’t be a factor here at all, I don’t think so.

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