Jobs abound in Texarkana, job seekers not


TEXARKANA – Labor is scarce today, with “Hire” signs on almost every street corner. And it’s not just the service and hospitality sectors, although things are so difficult in this sector that some restaurants have had to change their hours of operation to cope with the situation.

It is not for lack of customers that this struggle is taking place, it is for lack of available manpower.

A local restaurant that had to open on weekday evenings, temporarily ceasing lunch service Monday through Friday, said its current staff were trying to manage hourly and were exhausted. So he had to back down. For a few other local communities, the shortage of employees contributed to their closure.

And that’s just one sector. The shortage of employees is felt across a wide range. Skilled labor jobs are unfilled and require initial skills, but offer good to high pay.

The Red Carpet employment agency, a local hiring office that specializes in connecting workers with employers, is a testament to the ongoing struggle to find good help.

“We could put all kinds of people to work right now, today,” said Aggie Butler, co-owner of Red Carpet with her husband Dwayne. “The problem is, they don’t seem to be watching.”

Red Carpet has been in the business of recruiting employees at Texarkana for years, but according to Aggie, it’s never seen anything like it.

“We are talking about good jobs here,” she said. “Basic office jobs that require a bit of bookkeeping, computer skills. We urgently need a lot of truckers. If you’re a CDL holder right now, you can pretty much write your own post in terms. working hours, days, benefits. And across the industry, they need production, shipping, receiving, warehouse, maintenance technicians of all kinds. , retiree communities also need staff. “

If you just consider the trucking industry, according to, trucks carry over 70% of America’s freight, and they lack 80,000 drivers to haul all that freight. According to, this shortage is expected to reach 200,000 drivers by next year.

Butler tries to be optimistic about it all, even so.

“At some point people have to go back to work,” she said. “We are a relatively small agency, I can’t imagine what the bigger companies are going through right now.”

(Several of the Gazettes tried to call did not come back with us immediately.)

The Red Carpet employment agency recommends that job seekers check out what they have to offer at

“Not a single thing there,” she said. “You can find all kinds of jobs.”

Other local agencies include Express Employment Professionals at, as well as Temporary Services Unlimited and Manpower at

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