Lane Kiffin thinks Bryce Young should have tested transfer portal for more money

The ongoing conversation regarding NIL in college football has created further talking points around players cashing in on the transfer portal. One player in particular that Ole Miss Lane Kiffin head coach continues to use as an example is Alabama’s Bryce Young.

During a conversation with Sports Illustrated On the current name, image and likeness landscape, Kiffin used the NFL’s free agency model to describe how a player should be able to make the most of their likeness. Kiffin describes college football as a “professional sport,” especially considering how much money some players make.

As for Bryce Young, Kiffin thinks the Alabama quarterback could make 10 times more money than he makes now, if he had entered the portal and made the people of Tuscaloosa pay him. its perceived value or to match what others would have offered.

“Why didn’t Bryce Young enter the portal?” Kiffin said. “If you’re advising Bryce Young, why don’t you walk into the portal and walk into Nick Saban’s office and say, ‘Hey, I want to be here, but I have to protect myself, so I’m going enter the portal. And I want to come back as long as it matches what I get there. The kid would win 10 times what he would have won. How is this not going to happen all the time? It should. It will be.”

The Ole Miss coach is adamant that boosters around these football programs are equated with NFL minority owners, saying people who want to donate money to college could easily find the money to pay players. Kiffin looks at the current model and thinks if boosters can find the millions of dollars to pay a coach, they can certainly fundraise for a potential student-athlete.

“When people are arguing and saying there’s no way donors will find the money to pay players so much? Wait, these are the same donors who pay 30 to 40 million dollars to a trainer, when they see him! But they’re not going to raise $20 million a year for the players? Yes, they are. It just means they won’t give it to other things on campus, like facilities.

If there’s something that people with lots of money are motivated to do, they do it,” Kiffin added. “Everyone wants to own an NFL team. It’s basically like you’re a minority owner if you’re a big investor [in a collective]. You can show up on Saturday and see your product.

I totally agree that college football continues to change every day, with new offerings being presented to potential recruits and current student-athletes. The transfer portal is obviously a free agent marketplace for top players and even with the NCAA acting like they’re going to do something about it, we all know that’s probably not going to happen.

When it comes to players like Bryce Young, whom Lane Kiffin has now brought up a number of times, the market is there if the player decides he wants to shake up his current team for more money. I guess it all depends on how far some players are willing to go before the current school decides it’s not worth it.

In today’s world of college athletics, anything is possible, especially when a player is trying to make as much money as possible before moving on to an uncertain professional future.

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