Leading Dental Recruitment Agency DirectDental and Leading Dental Membership Platform Kleer Announce Partnership

SAN DIEGO, California, USA, Aug. 4, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — DirectDental, the leading dental recruitment agency in the United States, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Kleer, the leading dental membership platform . The partnership will provide dental practices across the country with the opportunity to optimize efficiency, improve client satisfaction and maximize revenue. DirectDental provides recruiting services to over 3,000 dental clinics across the United States. Kleer has worked with over 7,000 dentists to deliver a smart and seamless software solution to help practices from solo to DSO’s build a better and more efficient membership plan.

Founded in 2002, DirectDental is a dental personnel recruitment agency specializing in finding short-term, temporary and full-time jobs in dental clinics. Since launching its membership service in May 2020, DirectDental has become one of the leading dental recruitment agencies, serving more than 3,000 dental practices in 47 states. In an environment of unprecedented competition for staff, DirectDental customers were able to fill 97% of all job postings using their comprehensive and enhanced services.

Since 2018, Kleer has provided dental practices with a unique software solution that allows them to offer subscription-based dental membership plans directly to patients and employers. Patients pay their monthly or annual fees to the practice and, in return, receive preventive care and complementary treatments. Dentists have full control, setting the subscription price, fee schedule and treatment protocols. The platform helps practices reduce their reliance on insurance, automate day-to-day plan management, and increase patient loyalty and engagement to maximize profitability and drive long-term growth.

“At Kleer, we prioritize every aspect of our clients’ practice,” says Brad James, Kleer’s Head of Strategic Partnerships. “We work to develop innovative software solutions and partner with exceptional companies to help drive their success in the dental staffing market, as many practices struggle to hire to grow or fill vacancies, that’s why we refer our clients to DirectDental. Their online recruitment platform helps practices identify top talent and we are confident in the value it provides to our clients.”

“Having personally worked in dental practices for years, I’ve seen how dental insurance can do more harm than good to a dental practice’s bottom line,” says Holli Perez, co-founder and chief marketing officer of DirectDental. “Kleer enables dental practices to offer and track membership plans to ensure their patients receive the care they need. This is an excellent service that benefits clinics, dentists and patients. I know our customers will really benefit from this partnership.

For more information on how your clinic can integrate and manage dental membership plans, visit www.kleer.com.

For more information about DirectDental, visit www.directdental.com.

For personalized service and to register, call DirectDental and speak to one of their staffing experts at 619-295-1002.

For more information on how Kleer can help you grow your practice, speak with one of their experts.

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About DirectDental:
DirectDental is an online recruitment platform and specialized job site that allows dental practices to quickly connect with dental professionals for permanent and temporary jobs in real time. Our technology is designed to make staffing more efficient and cost effective for dental practices while providing dental professionals with a free and flexible way to create their desired work schedule.


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