Maid Requests Transfer, Difficult Employer Demands She Reimburse $6,000 Hiring Fee

A foreign domestic worker asks how she can help a colleague facing a difficult situation. She sought advice and help from other employers and helpers in the group.

The woman, who goes by the name Eliz Morante Domingo Lianillo, posted the call in a Facebook group called “FDW in Singapore (working conditions forum)” and said she was doing so on behalf of a friend.

Her friend wants a transfer, she says, because she keeps having repeated misunderstandings and conflicts with her current employer, which “lead to degrading and insulting arguments”, so she wants a transfer to another employer. .

But the current employer insists that the aide who wants to change must repay them the S$6,000 it cost them to hire him.

“So my question, are there any facts that support the wizard should pay that amount if they want to transfer because things aren’t working out for both of them?” asks Mrs. Eliz.

She writes that to her knowledge, there is no clause or requirement that the aide reimburse the employer for hiring costs in order to obtain a transfer. She says that usually the agency will send the employer replacement help. As for the maid requesting the change, if there is no replacement employer to which she could be transferred, then she would be sent back to her home country.

“Nobody wants to live in a place where there is no peace. I also believe that we all have a choice of where we want to be, to find the happiness that would match our preferences and expectations that I think both parties need,” Ms. Eliz wrote in her post.

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