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MIFFLINTOWN – A multi-agency survey will explore the housing needs of low-income people aged 60 and over.

Director of the Mifflin Juniata Regional Agency on Aging, Patrick Fitzgerald, described the initiatives that the Agency on Aging, together with Mifflin Juniata Human Services and United Way of Mifflin Juniata, have taken to find the needs of affordable housing in the area.

The survey is currently available on the Juniata County website.

Fitzgerald said the county is exploring options like a program offered in some counties that matches individuals with host families in exchange for rent or housework.

“It gives people an option where they might otherwise end up in a care home,” he said.

Another project being set up in Clearfield County, Fitzgerald said, has converted a former elementary school into a village that includes about 60 all-inclusive cabins.

“It’s different from a continuing care retirement community in that it’s not a licensing operation, but it provides on-site doctors, telemedicine, pharmacy, child care, a center for the elderly, many different types of services provided.”

Allison Fisher, of Mifflin Juniata Human Services, said the pandemic has created difficulties in the housing market.

“We are on fragile ground with housing opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds,” said Fisher.

The council has also taken the following actions:

¯ Approved a Juniata County Intermediate Punishment Project Amendment Request for a sub-award of $20,775;

¯Approved a tax exemption for the Township of Fayette;

¯ Approved county child and youth social services programs from January 1 through March 31, as submitted by the Children and Youth Tax Department.

The wages council has taken the following measures:

¯ Approved the following individuals as Juniata County Child and Youth Services caseworkers, effective May 30 a: Holly Hostler, Kelsey Lowery;

¯Approved a change in employment status for Adam Waite from his full-time telecommunications position to full-time communications supervisor at the Juniata County 911 Center, effective May 2;

¯Approved the hiring of Ronald Bell as a part-time employee in the emergency management department, effective May 2;

¯Approved a salary adjustment retroactive to January 1 for the Assistant Director – Field Assessment and Permit Completion at the Assessment Office.

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