Middletown Home Health Care Agency is hiring for jobs in the area


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“We recently completed our CHAP / Medicare accreditation and are in the process of recruiting additional staff to fill some vacant nursing, billing, compliance and management positions,” Akinyemi said.

Located at 6730 Roosevelt Ave., the company employs approximately 10 to 12 nurses and 10 to 15 nursing aides. Staff serve clients of Delight Health Services in Butler, Warren, Hamilton, Greene, Montgomery, Dearborn, Preble and Clermont counties.

We asked Akinyemi several questions about the company and its job growth. Here is what he had to say:

Q: What is the biggest challenge that Delight and others in the healthcare industry face and how is the company uniquely positioned to meet this challenge?

“The main challenges we face (are) some local hospitals and clinics that we hope to get referrals from have their preferred home health agency. We are uniquely positioned to meet the challenges we face because we are local and not a satellite operation. We have strong ties to the community, as residents, volunteers and family business owners. We see ourselves as a reflection of the community, therefore providing quality care is essential for us as a business and as members of the community.

“Our mission is to enable seniors in our community to live independently in their homes using an innovative team-based approach. We provide person-centered care that is very responsive to the needs of clients. We are constantly developing new metrics to ensure we are efficient and prioritize quality standards.

Q: What is the biggest obstacle you face in hiring and what can job seekers do about it?

“We have skilled and experienced nurses who are always ready to help other nurses grow. The most common obstacle we face is finding caregivers with great flexibility. Some of our clients require care for a few hours, but caregivers seek extended hours, which makes service difficult to staff.

“We are ready to offer incentives to caregivers who are ready to be flexible with our needs so that we can provide the quality care that our clients need. “

Q: What is Delight’s vision for growth, both in terms of jobs and otherwise, over the next five years?

A: “We strive to be a household name and a standard for quality. We want to help reduce hospitalization rates in our community, improve the quality of life and help our clients become more involved in community life. We also want to expand our partnership to local colleges, hire new hires, and give constant feedback on how their program can be improved to produce graduates ready for bonuses. “

Q: Some job seekers worry about advancement limits within a company. How well can Delight employees progress from entry level positions?

A: “We have two nurses on staff who are also nurse practitioners, and one is almost completing her doctorate. They are always ready to take nurses under their wing and help them grow professionally. We are also receiving publicity which will open doors for more positions.

“We just hired a business development manager who has done a fantastic job in recruiting and raising awareness. As we continue to remain committed to providing quality care and staying compliant, we don’t seek to trivialize care, but seek out brilliant people to join us and help make our community great. “

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