NCB meeting emphasizes coordination, training and prevention of narco-terrorism

During the recent meeting organized by the Narcotics Control Bureau (Western Region), the agency’s Director General (DG), S. N. Pradhan, outlined 10 steps for its officials to follow to make its functioning more efficient .

An official said the October 26 meeting was led by Union Home Minister Amit Shah and various CMs were present. Priority was given to coordination within the agency and with other state agencies working against narcotics.

Sources said that the Union Home Ministry has prioritized the NCB and provided it with resources after the increase in cases of narco-terrorism where terrorist organizations use narcotics money to carry out their activities well.

“We increasingly see these terrorist organizations either working on funds acquired through the narcotics trade or actively using narcotics like tramadol to reduce pain. Given the current trend, the fight against narcotics
Agencies have been instructed to ensure that India does not become a hub for drug trafficking,” an official added.

“It was highlighted that all officials are using portals such as the National Narcotics Coordination Portal (NCORD) and the National Integrated Arrested Narcotic Offenders Database (NIDAAN) which were launched recently to leverage the pool collective of knowledge accumulated by the agency,” an official said. , who attended the meeting.

NCORD is a knowledge-based portal that can also be used by ordinary people. It has court decisions related to narcotics cases, news and measures taken by the agency in terms of capacity building. The NIDAAN portal has a database of offenders, which will be maintained by all agencies.

To ensure that the BCN has good coordination with state narcotics agencies, a single point of contact in the form of an Anti-Narcotics Task Force (ANTF) secretariat has been established. So if NCB Bombay needs information on a drug raid carried out by Pune (rural) police or Gadchiroli, they would not need to contact them individually.

“In Maharashtra, Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has been established as the contact of ANTF so we just need to contact them for information on any action by Maharashtra Police,” said the manager.

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