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Along with seeing their favorite SM Entertainment performers enjoying themselves, fans and internet users alike were in awe of seeing their favorite K-pop idols sporting spooky, funny and overall gorgeous costumes in this year’s “SMTOWN Wonderland”.

Below is a list of artists from SM Entertainment alongside the costume they wore that were considered to be head-turning at the event:

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon as Batman

Super Junior’s Shindong as Younghee from “Squid Game”

SHINee’s Onew as the Penguin

Red Velvet’s Yeri as Shin Chae Kyung of “Princess Hours”

Raiden as Pennywise

NCT’s Haechan as a vampire

NCT’s Yuta as Kenshin Himura

Johnny from NCT as Coca-Cola Polar Bear

Taeil from NCT in boxer

Jaehyun from NCT as a vampire

Mark of NCT as Spiderman

NCT’s Chenle as the Nun

Renjun of NCT as Pinocchio

NCT’s Jisung as soccer player Son Heung Min

Doyoung of NCT as Shanks

NCT’s Jungwoo and Taeyong as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen

NCT’s Shotaro as Jigsaw

NCT’s Sungchan as the Joker

Jeno and Jaemin from NCT as Triangle Masked Man and Square Masked Man from “Squid Game”

YangYang of WayV as Kaneki Ken

Kun from WayV as Kaonashi (aka No-Face)

WayV’s Ten as Ciel Phantomhive

Xiaojun from WayV as Venom

Hendery of WayV as the killer of “Detective Conan” (aka “Case Closed”)

Karina d’Aespa as Queen of Hearts

Aespa’s Winter as Younghee from “Squid Game”

Giselle d’Espa as Harley Quinn

Aespa’s Ningning as Black Swan

What costume did you like best from “SMTOWN Wonderland”?

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