Nebraska Corrections demands rise due to salary increases


LINCOLN, Neb. (WOWT) – Nebraska Department of Corrections officials are noticing an increase in applications specifically for positions that require working directly with inmates.

To bring new people to the team, NDCS has a hiring bonus of $ 15,000, a referral bonus of $ 10,000, in addition to salary increases. They are looking to fill positions in corporal, health care and more.

“Obviously, we are closely monitoring the number of corporal positions as these are the entry level guard positions and the greatest need for personnel for our agency,” said Director Scott R. Frakes. “All signs point to the potential to hire a significant number of employees in the weeks and months to come. Not only that, but salary increases also have the potential to stem turnover and help keep them going. seasoned team members here at NDCS.

Officials are noticing the increase in interest from out of state.

“We have received inquiries from at least 10 other states and potential recruits have traveled from California and Oklahoma to visit our facilities,” Dir said. Crash. “In order to best meet these interests and speed up the hiring process, we conduct interviews and tests virtually. We also give new recruits the opportunity to start working with the agency, before their scheduled training date.

The salary increases were announced in November and since then the agency has received more than 630 applications for corporal positions compared to 162 applications weeks earlier, the statement said.

“We want people to know that the NDCS and the State of Nebraska have their doors open to people seeking careers in corrections. The opportunity is there. They just have to submit a request.

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