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The project, CCUS ZEN (Zero Emission Network), is coordinated by the Norwegian research group SINTEF to accelerate the deployment of carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) projects to reduce CO2 emissions in industries. energy-intensive across Europe.

According to the International Energy Agency, 14% of total emissions reductions by 2060 must come from carbon capture and storage (CCS) to meet existing Paris Agreement targets.

By building a network and sharing knowledge gained from first-hand CCUS experience, SINTEF intends to accelerate the development of CCUS projects and identify opportunities in CO2 transport and storage.

Comprised of 14 partners and around 60 network partners from eight EU Member States, the current network includes organizations working across the entire CCUS value chain, including those in CCUS infrastructure, ports, transport, ships, pipeline industry, energy and CO2 storage.

“To achieve the implementation of CCUS in Europe, the participation and support of a wide range of actors in the CCUS value chain is crucial,” said Eirik Falck da Silva, CCUS ZEN project coordinator and head of research at SINTEF.

The project also aims to cultivate discussion and knowledge sharing between countries and regions more advanced in the CCUS journey and those with less experience.

“We are delighted to have already brought together many key academic and industrial partners and look forward to further expanding our network over the next two and a half years,” da Silva added.

CCUS ZEN was officially launched last month (1st Sept) during a two-day event organized by one of the partners, Technip Energies.

Funded by the European initiative Horizon Europe, the project will last two and a half years.

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