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Ledger, the global leader in critical digital asset and Web3 security, launched its first metaverse initiative on The Sandbox, co-created with metaverse creation agency Swipe Back, to support, protect and educate users on all aspects of digital property and cryptocurrency.

The initiative is timely; an estimated $14 billion was lost to scams in the crypto space in 2021.

Ledger’s first virtual space, the Ledgerverse, is an immersive map built by Swipe Back and features the “School of Block” (the first of several Sandbox maps), which educates users to ensure they are “ready for the metaverse”. This includes how to identify scammers’ threats and phishing traps they might encounter online through a storyline complete with characters, virtual missions and secrets to uncover.

The space is curated to mirror The Sandbox methods by blending “block school” with gamification. Users will be able to play games with unique rewards while learning protection in the metaverse, making games not only enjoyable, but truly useful.

The partnership also includes co-branded Ledger hardware that allows users to have the ultimate protection of their own digital collectibles, so the experience itself is safeguarded.

Max Vedel, co-founder of Swipe backsays, “The big challenge for brands entering the metaverse is to tell their stories in a meaningful way, which can’t be done in real life. We’re so excited to team up with Ledger to create surreal adventures. that educate users about the growing threat of crypto scams and to create scenarios they will remember.

“The Sandbox is famous for its ability to curate gaming experiences and the opportunities to monetize and profit from them. It was an ideal canvas to help Ledger build this engaging virtual destination that offers an escape from the everyday, while by highlighting the benefits and ideas of the brand.

Mo El-Sayed, Head of Education and Community at Ledger, adds: “Today’s education is outdated, boring and too complex. We’re excited to bring real Web3 educational tools to our Ledgerverse with game architects like Swipe Back and a truly immersive platform like The Sandbox.

“Ledger is your universal key to keeping digital assets secure in the metaverse. Now you can learn more about your metaverse and explore your digital identity through our immersive games.

Ariel Wengroff, Global Vice President of Communications at Ledger, concludes, “Ledger will not compromise on using Web3 innovation to educate the masses. Our partnership with The Sandbox and Swipe Back is the start of a long commitment to building a more inclusive future for users.

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