New York government agencies late to file 762 public reports in 2022

It’s the late show, from the Town Hall!

A portal providing proactive public access to New York government records has been inundated with belated notices chastising agencies for failing to file reports on crime statistics, infectious disease updates and notifications on multimillion-dollar project cost jumps, the Post has learned.

The 762 late filings so far in 2022 are more than double the late filings during the same period in 2021, a spike the Records Department attributed to a “system flaw.”

The results are “disturbing” and a “huge disservice” that leaves the public “in the dark”, said Paul Wolf, president of the New York Coalition for Open Government.

Late notices represent 29% of the Department of Records’ total filings in 2022. In 2020, its 632 late notices accounted for 15% of total filings. The agency filed 374 overdue notices in the first half of 2021, representing just 12% of total filings for that period, and only filed two additional overdue notices in the second half of 2021.

The 762 late notifications filed so far in 2022 are more than double the late filings during the same period in 2021.
Paul Martinka for NY Post

“Ensuring that government reports are available and accessible in a central location is an essential part of a modern democracy,” said Noel Hidalgo, executive director of nonprofit government accountability Beta NYC, adding that public reporting are “a crucial part of understanding” the actions the government is taking in the face of the “many crises” New Yorkers face.

The latest culprits this year are the Department of Homeless Services, with 104 late notifications; the New York Police Department, with 52 late notifications; and the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications, with 48 overdue notices, according to city records.

The mayor’s office – which in May created a new equity office – has received 10 late notices so far this year, including five quarterly reports on the “agency’s efforts to provide fair and effective jobs that provide the equality of chances”.

The Mayor's Office created a new Equity Office this year.
The Mayor’s Office created a new Equity Office this year.
Steven Hirsch for NYPost

The Department of Buildings was slow to file 13 reports of construction incidents resulting in injuries or fatalities, which provide vital information about building safety across the city.

None of the agencies responded to requests for comment.

A Department of Records spokesperson attributed the 2022 spike to a “system flaw” that failed to upload some late notices filed in 2021 until January 2022.

After The Post learned about the city’s Department of Administrative Services’ 101 overdue notices for 2022, all but 12 disappeared from the portal.

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