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Newly released video shows the harrowing moments of Chicago police officers engaged in a shootout with a carjacking suspect in July 2020 outside a police station on the city’s northwest side.

The shooting took place on July 30, 2020, outside the 25th District train station after 26-year-old Lovelle Jordan was arrested a few blocks away.

The Civilian Police Accountability Office released videos Wednesday, including footage from dash cams and police-worn cameras, as well as reports related to the incident.

Jordan’s attorney in the criminal proceedings previously obtained a court order blocking the release of these documents, but with Jordan’s conviction and sentencing last month, the order was lifted, allowing their release. A spokesperson for the Illinois Department of Corrections confirmed Wednesday that Jordan died in custody on April 19, just days after his sentencing, but could not provide further details as the agency awaits a report. complete autopsy.

The July 2020 incident began when Jordan was arrested in the 4800 block of West North Avenue after entering a parked vehicle that had been reported stolen in a carjacking four days prior.

Video from the body cameras of the officers who arrested him shows they searched him – the arrest report noting that they found narcotics – although they did not find his firearm before handcuff him behind his back and put him in the police car.

While in the back of the squad car, Jordan managed to maneuver the handcuffs forward and is seen on video filming Officer Jason Cloherty a few feet away almost immediately after Cloherty opened the vehicle door.

An intense gunfight ensues as Jordan runs around the front of the patrol car and continues to fire at the police.

Even as the battle continues, efforts are made to tend to Cloherty, who, despite his injury, has managed to roll onto the other side of the patrol car.

Jordan can be seen running behind a nearby Chevy Impala and is hit by a flurry of gunfire.

About two minutes into the start, the terrifying episode ends. Minutes after the shooting, Cloherty is seen in the sallyport seated and cared for by fellow officers as Jordan is arrested.

Four officers fired 77 shots in the shootout, according to tactical response reports. The incident report says five officers were taken to area hospitals, two of them with gunshot wounds.

Jordan survived the shooting, eventually pleading guilty to one count of attempted murder and five counts of grievous bodily harm against an officer. He was sentenced on April 11 to 31 years in prison and was incarcerated at Stateville Correctional Center before his death.

COPA said its investigation into the incident concluded on March 31 and is being reviewed with the CPD. Supt. David Brown has up to 90 days to review COPA’s findings and recommendations.

The city’s data portal shows COPA’s investigation into the incident centered on 10 allegations of operational violations against six officers, with the oversight agency finding each allegation to be founded.

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