NSA Year in Review 2021


In a year still largely defined by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the NSA has proven once again that whatever the global climate, the mission continues. As we prepare to usher in 2022, it’s critical to look back on the many accomplishments of our workforce over the past year.

NSA Welcomed Two New Directors
Among the most important news shared this year were undoubtedly the new leaders of our two Cybersecurity and Research departments.

Longtime NSA family member Rob Joyce took over the Cyber ​​Security Directorate (CSD) shortly after Anne Neuberger joined the Biden administration as deputy national security adviser for the cybersecurity and emerging technologies. He has worked at the NSA since 1989, holding various leadership positions in the two areas of the NSA’s focus: cybersecurity and signal intelligence missions, and most recently as the NSA’s special liaison officer for the NSA. United States in London.

The Research Directorate was pleased to welcome Gilbert “Gil” Herrera as its new Director at the beginning of September, after nearly 40 years at Sandia National Laboratories (Sandia). Having previously served as Director of the Physical Sciences Laboratory from 2015 to 2018, Mr. Herrera is a recognized leader within the Department of Defense and is well positioned to lead leadership in world-class scientific research.

The NSA celebrated the power of partnerships

Celebrating a 75-year alliance, the partnership between the NSA and GCHQ even predates the formal founding of our organizations and has served as a remarkable example of the strong bond between our nations. The relationship defines how we share communication, translation, analysis and breaking code information, and has helped protect our countries and allies for decades.

Presenting a key element of the partnership, the Cyber ​​Management Review, now in its fourth year, is a collaborative forum between the leadership of the National Security Agency, the US Cyber ​​Command, the UK Strategic Command and Headquarters. British government communications. Supported by continuous interactions at multiple levels of organizations, it provides direction for future military and intelligence efforts in the cyber realm.

Building on their long-standing relationship, the NSA announced a new partnership with the National Cryptologic Foundation (NCF), reaffirming their mutual commitment to building a pipeline of the next generation of crypto and cybersecurity experts.

Research initiatives
For the 8e In a row, the NSA has hosted the Hot Topics on Science of Security, or HotSOS, conference. This year, welcoming a record 1,200 people signing up to discuss the link between research and cybersecurity, attendees represented a mix of governments, universities and industries from 36 countries. The three-day virtual event included keynote presentations, student presentations, and robust discussions of work in progress.

This year also marked the launch by the National Security Agency’s Physical Sciences Laboratory (LPS) of the LPS Qubit Collaboratory (LQC), a quantum information science research center in support of the National Quantum Initiative of United States. The LQC provides a collaborative research mechanism between the LPS and universities, industry, FFRDCs and government laboratories.

NSA demonstrates holistic commitment to a better work environment
In July, CAREERS & the disABLED magazine selected the National Security Agency as 2021 Public Sector Employer of the Year, demonstrating the Agency’s continued commitment to providing equal employment opportunities and fostering a work environment. fair and equitable.

By constantly developing new ways to improve the recruitment, hiring, retention and advancement of people with disabilities, the Agency has put in place an initiative known as the “Big Six” to improve progress. towards the creation of an exceptional workforce and culture. It emphasizes: the implementation of fair personnel practices throughout the Agency; accountability of senior leaders; accessibility of facilities and ease of use of services; recruit and hire a diverse workforce; integration and mentoring; and the development of a pipeline of diversified senior candidates.

The NSA was also recognized at the 41st annual Department of Defense (DoD) Disability Awards in October. The virtual event recognized the NSA as the best intelligence component and a branch of the agency as an Outstanding Employee in the DoD 2021 Annual Disability Awards.

Proving that their commitment to fostering a better workplace is recognized as a holistic effort, the NSA’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified buildings, reforestation efforts, stormwater infrastructure improvements and Reclaimed water initiatives are just a few of the agency’s growing projects. list of environmental efforts aimed at ensuring a “greener” workplace.

No matter what 2022 brings, the NSA will continue to rise to the occasion, meeting the needs of the nation while showing its commitment to the greatest asset, our people.

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