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Appearing on the ETV panel program “UV Faktor” on Tuesday evening, Peterkop, speaking from the Defense Resources Agency (KRA), said: “When the competitive process started, we came to the attention of the Ministry of Defense on the fact that the requirement of legal training creates the image that this is a targeted competition.”

“However, the Ministry of Defense remained adamant that this requirement is necessary for the position. However, I fully agree that such an impression remains,” he continued.

The current acting director of the KRA, Anu Rannaveski, holds a master’s degree in law; the KRA competition which ended on Monday attracted only one contestant.

Former director Marlen Piskunov, who resigned abruptly in March, applied at a time when the requirements stipulated three years of management experience and “sufficient education”, reports the daily Postimees (link in Estonian).

Acting Director Rannaveski has been an employee of the Ministry of Defense since 2011 and headed its defense services department, and previously worked as head of the KRA’s legal department, for four years.

So the inference is that the recent job posting was tailor-made with Rannaveski in mind for a permanent position.

A former deputy secretary general of the ministry, Meelis Oidsalu, said last month that competitions for senior civil service posts are often a sham, since the successful candidate has already been chosen. Oidsalu, who now works for the ERR, said he already knew he was a shoo-in for his MoD job every time he applied, both at the start and at the end. of a warrant.

Oidsalu also said that the outgoing director of the foreign intelligence service (Välisluuramet), Mikk Marran, was transferred to head the state forestry commission, the RMK when he was not halfway through his his second five-year term, due to overspending on luxuries while in office, adding that top civil service positions were distributed among a small, closed cabal – a claim the general secretary of the Ministry of Defence, Kusti Salm, strongly rejected.

The process by which the current Finance Minister Keit Pentus-Rosimannus was appointed as Estonia’s next representative to the European Court of Auditors has also caused controversy, since the appointment to the post is under the Minister of Finance himself, although that Secretary of State Peterkop declared “UV Faktor” that all procedural aspects of the application had been properly executed.

The KRA calls and prepares citizens for compulsory military service, recruits citizens for active duty, provides an overview of the state’s available mobilization resources and supports the national defense course at school, according to its website. Internet.

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