Ole Miss HC Lane Kiffin pleads for ‘cap’ in NIL era of college football


Has college football become the Wild West? With the relative unknowns surrounding the name, image, and likeness, it could come close.

Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin recently spoke with Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated where he discussed the current state of NIL and its impact on college football. Throughout this changing landscape in sports, Kiffin has been adamant that college football is now a “professional sport”, and to try to keep the NIL in check he advocates some form of salary cap, similar to an NFL model.

Interestingly enough, Kiffin also suggested that Alabama quarterback Bryce Young should test the waters of the transfer portal to determine how much money he could get for his talents, whether for the Crimson Tide or elsewhere. .

SI: Is there a solution to this?

LK: The thing that seems simple is that there is a cap. How are we not a professional sport? What is the difference? [Players] earn money. They can opt for free agency. We are a professional sport, and these are professional players. Contract employees without a contract. They can go out whenever they want. And how do you not see that unless there are rule changes around caps and contracts, how is every elite college player not at the end of their season [entering the portal]? … Let’s be real, in professional sports, if you’re a player’s agent, and the player can go into free agency and come back wherever they want after testing the waters, who says, ‘No, I don’t am not going to do this,’ unless there is a penalty?

Why didn’t Bryce Young enter the portal? If you’re advising Bryce Young, why don’t you walk into the portal and walk into Nick Saban’s office and say, “Hey, I want to be here, but I have to protect myself, so I am going to enter the portal. And I want to come back as long as it matches what I get there. The kid would win 10 times what he would have won. How is this not going to happen all the time? It should. It will be.

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